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Friday Five

 It’s that perfect time of year, the birds are chirping, the weather is warmer, the trees are blooming, and generally everyone is happy.

How cool are these elevator doors?  I was at a business meeting in Pasadena and every floor in this building had a different word painted across the elevator doors.

Inspiration is everywhere you look…sometimes it is actually written out just so you notice it.

Friday Five

Friday Five


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Friday Five ~ Best Apps Edition

We’re talking APPS today…Friday Five Best Apps Edition

1. Companion: Mobile Personal Safety

This is an App designed for your personal safety.  Companion was designed by students at the University Of Michigan.  All you need to do is enter your destination and select a few of your contacts to be your Companions (your contacts don’t even need to install the App on their phone).  Companions will get a live map of your progress and will receive updates that you made it from Point A to Point B with no problems.  If something happens along the way Companion will check on you to make sure everything is okay.  If you don’t respond within 15 seconds, Companion will alert your contacts.  There is also a “I Feel Nervous” button and that information will be passed along to your contacts, also.  You can also call the police with just two taps.  iOS & Android ~ Free

2. Untappd: For Beer Lovers

This App is to help you discover and keep track of every brew you drink with a network of fellow beer drinkers. You check in different beers and rate them.  It finds you nearby venues, events, and beers that you will love. You can even send a virtual “cheers” to friends for their beer selection. iOS ~ Free

3. Prisma:  Photo App

Turn your photos into incredible works of art using the styles of famous artists like Munk or Picasso!  It also has a ton of special effects.  Check out this unique photo App for yourself and create your unique art style. iOS~ Free

4. Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker

Have you ever tried to edit a video?  It a long pain staking process.  Magisto make the process simple and makes your videos look as thought they were edited by a pro!  The App takes your photos and videos and edits them together into videos you can share with your family and friends at places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, even WhatsApp. iOS ~ Free

5. Pause: Learn to relax

In this crazy life that we all have sometimes it’s good to just take a moment and Pause.  This App was made to help you relax.  With a backdrop of soothing music, you move your finger slowly across your phone screen.  Focusing on the slow and steady movement will help you to relax. iOS ~ $1.99

What are your favorite APPS you can’t live without?

Until Next Time…


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Links I Love ~ Halloween Edition No. 10

For those of you who’s favorite holiday is Halloween, here are some of my favorite links just for you!

links i love Halloween Edition!

  1. 8 Spookiest Hotels Around The World House Beautiful Magazine
  2. How to Make Your House Look Haunted PopSugar
  3. 30 Minutes of Dark Suspense Scary Creepy Horror Music YouTube
  4. 2015’s Most Outrageous Halloween Costumes Huffpost Weird News
  5. 13 Spookiest Horror Flicks Streaming On Netflix Wired
  6. Which Halloween Candy Is Your States Most Popular? WQAD8


What is your favorite thing about this spooky holiday, do you love to get scared or just like to scare others?  Do you like a scary, cute or sexy costumes?  What’s your favorite candy?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a spooky Halloween and don’t let the strange noises scare you…


Until Next Time…



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Links I Love

Happy Friday!  

We have finally made it to the end of what was, at least for me, a very long week.  I can’t believe it is already September and Autumn is right around the corner.  I am so excited for Autumn, I love everything about my favorite season from the warmer clothes to the heartier food to the Friday night football games (Our groups tailgates are the best, CREDO).

This weeks Links I Love are nine links that have peaked my interest, so I thought they just might peak your interest too!

Links I Love

ONE:  Things You Didn’t Know About Flamingo Lawn Ornaments {House Beautiful}

TWO: Hollywood’s One Trick To Being Photogenic {Pure Wow}

THREE:  Save Your iPhone Charger’s Life {Good Housekeeping}

FOUR:  How To Apply Bronzer Correctly {The Beauty Department}

FIVE:  Secrets for performing better under pressure {Business Insider}

SIX: Donate your old jeans and get a discount on a new pair! {Madewell}

SEVEN: Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Your Face Shape {Verily}

EIGHT:  How To Make friends As A Grown-Up {Real Simple}

NINE: 12 things guys Will Never Understand About Periods {Cosmo}

Send me a link to what you love on the internet.

Until Next Time…



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Links I Love

My favorite 6 links I love from around the world wide web.

Links I Love 8-28-15

1. 11 Insane Celeb Closets You Have To See  Los Angeles Confidential Magazine

2. Styling Dogs Into Cubes, It’s A Thing In Japan  Details

3. 16 Instagram Tips and Tricks You Can’t Afford To Miss  Digital Trends

4. 10 Things Happy People Do Before Lying In Bed Every Night  Lifehack

5. Wedding Portraits In Unforgettable Landscapes From Around The World      Twisted Sifter

6. Find The #1 Song On The Day Your Were Born  Playback




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Apps I love

It seems as the days come and go we have less and less time to get anything done–so I am happy to enlist anything that makes my life a tad bit easier, like apps.

Apps I Love

YourMoji Keyboard: I’m having so much fun with this one.  It allows you to create emojis from photos of yourself, friends & others. Then you can share the custom emoji on iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.  Plus, there are a ton of pictures the app already has.  Your emoji’s are only limited to your imagination.

Free – This app is currently available on iOS and is coming soon to Android

Square Cash:  Send money for free.  If i’m going in on a gift for a friend with several people this app allows me to pay the purchaser of the gift back immediately for my share of the gift.  And the same goes for someone owing me money, they can Square Cash it to me by just entering the amount and pressing send.  It’s that quick and easy.

Free – Available for iOS

Beet: Perfect for anyone who wants to capture life’s everyday moments in 6 minute videos.  Beet allows you to compile your video together to form a stream of your life as it happens.  You get to tell your story and follow your friends stories as they happen.

Free – Available for iOS

Balanced: Need a personal coach to keep you balanced?  This app does just that.  We all have days where get to the end of the day and we never got up out of our desk.  Balanced will send you preset reminders to drink water, stretch, or just, take a break.  We could all use a little Balanced in our fast paced lives.

Free – Available for iOS With this app you create lip-sync videos with you as the star. provides millions of songs to choose from.  There are also many video effects you can add to your lip-sync video.  You can even share your videos with your friends over many social media sites.

Free – Available for iOS

What apps are you using to make your day easier or bring a smile to your face?

Until next time… XOXO








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