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An Anniversary To Remember


An Anniversary To Remember

Who could have known that a year ago when Handsome and I were eagerly planning our anniversary trip for this year the hurricanes would destroy our destination?  My heart and prayers go out to the all families now living with the devastation that all the hurricanes brought. We were hoping to go to Puerto Rico, as disappointed as we were that all our planning would not come to fruition, we know things happen and plans change. It’s best just to go with the flow!

As long as we were able to spend the time together (I know that sounds cliché) it really didn’t matter where we were.

Thankfully, Handsome was quick to think on his feet and came up with a wonderful adventure for us. We started very early in the morning and had breakfast at Joan’s On Third.  Then it was off to our adventure…An anniversary to remember

We headed into the hills of Malibu to “Get your wine on. in the wild…” as they say at the Malibu Wine Safari. The Malibu Wine Safari is located on the property of Saddleback Ranch which is a 1,000 acre ranch and vineyard in the hills of Malibu.  Once there, we hopped onto an open-air safari truck and off we went into the wild to feed the animals!  Many of the animals on the ranch have had successful Hollywood careers and have come to the ranch for it’s quiet and laid back atmosphere.  If you are a fan of the Hangover movies; Stanley the giraffe from Hangover 3 lives here.

At our first stop we were welcomed by and fed 2 American bison whose names are Chipotle and BBQ Sauce.  Sadly, Only BBQ Sauce was willing to pose for a photo.An Anniversary To Remember

We also fed adorable llamas…Llama Del Rey, Kendrick Llama and the resident Yak, Yak Efron.An Anniversary To Remember

An Anniversary To Remember

An Anniversary To Remember

How adorable is Justin Zeber? An Anniversary To Remember

We made two wine tasting stops during our visit on the ranch.  The first stop was among the animals under a shady tree where we were treated to very liberal pours of their Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.  An Anniversary To Remember

Our second tasting was on the top of a mountain, which is the site of many weddings because of the incredible views of the vistas and the vineyards.  We also enjoyed snacks of crackers, cheese, and tapenade along with more bountiful pours of their Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (my favorite) and Syrah.

We loved every minute of our time up-close and personal with the animals tasting all of the delicious wines that are grown right on the grounds all while exploring the beautiful property of the Semler family.

After leaving the ranch, Handsome and I spent the early evening walking along the beach in Malibu.  Little did I know he had also planned dinner at a restaurant I have been wanting to go to for years.

Casa Vega is a restaurant my friends in Los Angeles have talked about time and time again. They go on and on about the chicken enchiladas.  I was so excited when handsome let me in on his secret dinner venue I couldn’t help but let out a tiny scream.  When you walk into Casa Vega it’s like going back in time. It’s super dark and it took some time for my eyes to adjust to the significant contrast in lighting.  We were seated in a big roomy red vinyl booth–perfect for a romantic anniversary meal.

As we were being seated, our waiter told us that this family-owned restaurant opened it’s doors in 1956 and now being run by the third generation.  He also told us that celebrities love it there because of the food, but also they cherish the privacy they get there.  Back in the day at any time of the day or night you could see people like Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, and Cary Grant.  Now a days it’s actors like George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, and Sandra Bullock who enter from the side door.

We started off our meal with an amazing bowl of lobster guacamole. We have never seen this guacamole combination before, but we knew we needed to start off our meal with it–it did not disappoint.  Handsome ended up ordering a burrito empanada and I, of course ordered the chicken enchiladas.  Of course, I needed to try out Handsome’s to make sure it was safe to eat! I don’t know which I loved more both were items we would order again!  All I know is ever since we had our anniversary meal there, we can’t wait to go back.

Handsome couldn’t have planned a more perfect day!

Malibu Wine Safari
3211 Mulholland Hwy.
Malibu, CA 90265

Casa Vega 13301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423

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Things I learned from My Dad

Since Father’s Day is right around the corner I thought I would share with you some words of wisdom my daddy taught to me.  Before I get to those pearls I’d like to share a little about the wonderful man I was fortunate enough to call dad.


My dad was a self-made man who was the son of a railroad worker.  Salvatore, Sam as he was known by everyone was an Engineer (he always wore a button down shirt with a pocket protector), he was a brilliant man.  He was fluent but rarely spoke his native language (he only spoke to my mother in Italian when they did not want us kids to know what they were speaking about) because he was taught by his parents “we are now in America we speak English”.  His parents taught him to be proud of this wonderful country we live in that has so many opportunities.  He passed that sentiment down to us kids.  Daddy served in the Army, but never uttered a word of the horror he saw on the front lines.  He loved to speak about politics, I remember several heated conversations at dinner parties.  He was a very passionate man. Oh how he loved his football and his beloved Fighting Irish.  My daddy taught me how to dance with my toes on his and how to ride a two-wheel bike.  He would cook a huge breakfast every Sunday morning after Mass, make a tasty pineapple upside down cake and the yummiest lemonade fresh off our trees.  I remember sitting on crates under our peach tree with a bucket of water, my daddy would pick the ripest ones wash them in the water and then we would eat them until we were so full we couldn’t take another bite. His favorite place to be was at the family beach house (pictured above). I still cherish the daily letters he wrote me when I went away to 6th grade camp.  He cried as he walked me down the aisle and then again when I had my kids.

Always be on time. 10 minutes early is 5 minutes late.

Stand up for what and who you believe in.

Always put others first.

Hard work will get you everywhere.

When you borrow something always give it back in better condition than you got it.

Always save double the amount you spend.

Make each day count.

Laughter is the best medicine.


“I may not always be right, but I’m never wrong”. <– that one always made me smile whenever he said it.

I miss you so very much, daddy!

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25 Random Acts Of Kindness

25 random acts of kindness

There is no better feeling than when someone does something nice for you just because, and that same feeling goes for doing something nice for someone…just because!  The world can be a very harsh place just one small act of random kindness from a fellow human can dramatically change someones life or at the very least make their day!

I have made a list of 25 little random acts of kindness, so just maybe we can all show a little more kindness and love towards each other.

One small random act of kindness can truly make someone’s day.

  1. Say “Good Morning” to the person standing next to you.
  2. Offer to return a shopping cart to the store after someone has loaded groceries in their car.
  3. Purchase coffee for the person standing in line behind you.
  4. Text someone just to say good morning or good night.
  5. Leave an encouraging note on the mirror in a public restroom.
  6. Hold the door open for others.
  7. Give a genuine compliment to at least 1 person everyday.
  8. Give a gift to someone, just because.
  9. Compliment someone to their boss.
  10. Let people merge-in during traffic.
  11. Say “thank you” and “please”.
  12. Send a care package to a solider.
  13. Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand.
  14. Put a coin in an expired meter.
  15. Say “I love you” to someone you love.
  16. Smile at people.
  17. Surprise your friend with a CD of their favorite songs.
  18. Introduce yourself to new and not so new neighbors.
  19. Compliment a stranger.
  20. Hold the elevator.
  21. Write your husband/wife a list of all the things you love about them.
  22. Check in on your elderly neighbor.
  23. Purchase extra dog and cat food and drop it off at your local animal shelter.
  24. Email or write to a teacher who made a difference in your life.
  25. Offer to buy your co-workers lunch.

How do you spread random acts of kindness?

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Make 2017 Your Best Year!

Your success and happiness lies in you.  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. — Helen Keller

Make 2017 Your Best Year

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year?  Looking forward to what 2017 has in store for you, the changes, the learning, the friendships, the successes?  What are you looking forward to most?

Let’s Get This Year Started…

Think Big!  You know the saying “if you can think it, you can do it”.  The bigger the idea, the bigger the outcome.  Go for it, 2017 is the year to make your ideas happen.

Don’t Follow The Crowd.  If you like something or someone others don’t, that’s a them problem.  You do you (with a huge smile on your face).  Always be a student, not a follower.  It’s a huge difference.

Encourage Others.  We all like to hear a little encouragement.  Be that person for the others in your life.

Walk For 30 Minutes A Day.  Not only is getting out and walking 30 minutes a day good for your body it’s also great for your brain.  It’s a wonderful way to decompress from a long day at work, let the work stuff go and enjoy a relaxing evening.  If motivation is a problem try getting a FitBit (the wrist one) or FitBit (the clip-on one).  See my experience with a FitBit here.

Let Go.  I know from personal experience this one is sometimes easier said then done.  If there are people in your life that shouldn’t be there.  Let them loose.

Be On Time.  When you are late you are letting the person waiting on you know their time is not important to you.  It is a lack of respect to keep others waiting.

Forgive.  Another hard one.  Just remember while you are holding on to animosity, they are out enjoying life!

I am choosing to make this a year of positivity, large goals and letting go!

Until Next Time…


Taking Care Of Yourself

How well do you take care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself

Taking care of ourselves is usually one of the last things on our minds when there are so many others that need us.  When life gets busy, your body needs you the most.  Give it the attention it needs and don’t feel guilty about it.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of others properly. Try to set time for yourself daily.

Everyone needs “me” time.  Here are a few ideas…


Unplug from all electronics.

Light your favorite candle and relax.

Buy yourself your favorite flowers, weekly.

Go grab dessert with your best friend.

Go on a bike ride.

Swing on the swings at the park.

Eat take-out with your best dishes and cloth napkins.

When someone offers you a compliment, just say “Thank You”.

Take a long warm bath with Epsom Salts and essential oils.

Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

Go to bed early.

Go for a walk and notice the beauty around you.

Turn off the news, listen to music and sing out loud.

Drink water with your favorite fruit infused in it.

Binge watch your favorite TV show.

Try something you have always wanted to, but never made the time for.

Wear your favorite perfume to bed.

Invite a friend over and cook dinner together.

Meditate (here’s a good place to start Calm)

Watch a funny movie.

Take yourself out on a date.

Get and give at least 1 hug a day.

Drink a warm glass of lemon water every morning.


Write yourself a LOVE letter.

In the comment section, please share with me what your favorite self-care thing to do is and which one of my ideas you are going to try.

Please, be good to yourself!

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A Few Of My Favorite Photos From Instagram ~ July ’16

Favorite Instagram Photo’s ~ July 2016favorite instagram photosJuly started off with a relaxing day strolling down Del Mar Street in San Clemente, CA.  Drinks and a late lunch at South of Nicks, for Handsome and I.  And, a fun surprise running into an old friend.

Favorite instagram photos

This is my favorite flag in Orange County and on the 4th of July it is even more special.  I love the view of the statuesque flag gently waving in the ocean breeze.  Long May She Wave!

Favorite instagram photos

Ellie’s Table, Where Happiness is Homemade.  I don’t what to say this place is heaven on earth, BUT…!  Their pastries are like no other.  If you’re on a diet, don’t…just don’t!

Favorite Instagram Photos

Isn’t this flower beautiful? It is grown on the Passion Vine also known as the Passiflora Vine.  Not only does this vine produce this stunning flower it also produces the delectable passion fruit.  A close friend of mine has a garden that is unbelievable, where she grows this plus a myriad of other flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  Look for a post of her garden (coming soon).

favorite instagram photos

Who knew there was a decorator in 2016 that thought the disco ball was a good design feature?  I guess they liked it so much they put up 3!

favorite instagram photos

World’s Largest Wind Chimes are in Newport Beach, California.  There are 300 bell-shaped domes and over 300 chimes.  The chimes were installed in September of 1967.  It is quite an amazing site to see in person.

favorite instagram photosMost Saturday mornings Handsome and I attend a local car show.  We grab a coffee and walk up and down the parking lot aisles looking at all the different cars.  They have every car from Maseratis to Volkswagens.  Rarely, do I ever see a Alfa Romero, Spider.  Weather it’s at the car show or driving on the street.  I get very excited when I see one.  My first car was a red one just like the one that was at the car show.  It brought back some fun memories!

favorite instagram photosThe Loop was one of my most favorite foods I ate in the month of July.   Their churros are so delightful I have been craving one daily.  Not only are they delicious, but the staff are the sweetest people ever!  Look for a post coming soon.  P.S. they are also a Pokemon Go stop.

favorite instagram photos

I can’t even explain the joy I feel when I look at this door.  It’s located in Laguna Beach, CA.  I know something wonderful must be on the other side!


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Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon, new neighbors

What ever happened to the neighborhood welcome wagon?

Years ago, when a new family moved into a neighborhood all the neighbors would get together and literally pull a wagon up to the new neighbors front door with all kinds of goodies, introduce themselves, and make the new family a part of the neighborhood family.

In todays world, it seems like when a new family moves into a neighborhood the neighbors peer out of their windows trying to catch a glimpse of the new neighbor without having to actually take the time to go and meet the family face to face!

Recently, a new family moved in a few doors down. I must admit, every time I pulled out of my garage, I had the best intentions to go and introduce myself, but I went about my busy day just like everyday. I think that is one of the reasons there is no more welcome wagon, people are just too busy. Most neighborhoods are not like they use to be, most people go about their day and when they get home the garage door opens the car is pulls in and the garage door shuts.

I finally had the opportunity to introduce myself to my new neighbor, we spoke a bit and we decided one day we would get to know each other over coffee (no date was set).  Weeks later we were both outside in our yards, waved and picked a date to have coffee, In trying to decided where we should meet, she offered her home as our meeting place.

When I arrived that morning, flowers in hand (my mom always told me never go to another person’s home without a gift).  She made coffee and the most delicious banana bread.  While we were getting to know each other we hadn’t realized 3 hours had gone by!  I’m looking forward to more talking and laughing with my new neighborhood friend.

So, next time you see the moving truck pull on to your street, don’t wait to go and introduce yourself!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the new neighbors, you just might be missing out on a good friend!

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To Fitbit Or Not To Fitbit…

garmin, weight tracker, steps tracker, fitbit, jawbone,

For sometime now I have been contemplating getting a FitBit for myself.  And like anything that has to do with exercise, I think about why not to do it, more than I think about doing it!

There are so many questions I have been asking myself…  Do I really want to wear that thing on my wrist 24 hours a day?  By wearing that band on my wrist I feel like I’m announcing to the world… HEY WORLD, I’ve kinda let myself go and now I want to get healthy (I know most people won’t event notice it, but that what goes on in my head)!  I know there is the clip on style instead of the wristband, but it is also important for me to find out how much actual sleep I’m getting.  Do I need to start wearing pajamas just so I can attach the FitBit clip to something (that seems uncomfortable)?  Just like my previous pedometers, I would forget to attach the clip to my clothing everyday.  If this FitBit is going to happen, it’s going to have to be the wristband style.

I have friends with FitBit’s and they all seem to like them.  Most of them said it has been a great motivator to get in those extra steps daily.  Some have the wristband style and some have the clip on, each are very happy with the style they chose.  They like that you can check in with your friends who have a FitBit on the phone app and see how many steps everyone is doing weekly.  A motivator or added pressure?

Well, I did it!  I got myself a wristband style FitBit.  So far so good!  The first week I didn’t really change the way I was living and when I checked in every evening to see how many steps I had taken for the day I could not believe how little I was moving.  It has proven to me I really needed this device to get at least 10,000 steps in daily.

…And the sleep? Seems as the daily steps go up I’m sleeping with less restlessness. Win, Win!

And the wristband I was so concerned about, Tory Burch makes a cover for the FitBit to conceal it.

So I guess my answer would be…To Fitbit!

This is not a paid or sponsored post, just my view.

Summer 2015 ~ Adventure List

Summer 2015 Adventure List

With the official beginning of summer only a few weeks away I thought I should get a jump start and make an adventure list deciding on what adventures I would like to accomplish this summer of 2015!  Every year I make a adventure list (see last years here).

Since time just seems to go by so quickly during the wonderful days of summer and with how rough of a winter most of the country endured, I think we should all get out of the house and enjoy the wonderful summer weather of the great outdoors!

Here is my summer adventure list…

1. Go berry picking

2. Stargaze while sipping on whiskey

3. Go on a picnic at the park

4. Attend a outdoor concert

5. Take Handsome on a surprise weekend away

6. Roast marshmallows at the beach

7. Have a paper airplane contest

8. Play adult hide and go seek

9. Find a 4-leaf clover

10. Bake an apple pie

11. Go to brunch with friends

12. Eat dinner outside as often as possible

What do you have on your 2015 summer adventure list? 

Spring Time!

Happy Spring Time!

Spring time, 25 fun things to do outdoors

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the awesome spring weather!  Spring time is the time to shed the winter coats and boots.  Get out your cute sandals & straw hats, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Here’s a list of 25 excellent things to do this spring!

1. Get outside!  Most of the Country has been cooped inside for most of the winter months.

2. Go on a picnic with that one someone special or a group of friends.

3. Rent a convertible for a weekend.

4. Have your morning coffee or tea on your patio or at an outdoor coffee house.

5. Go to your local park and swing on the swings.

6. Attend a local garden show.

(Like The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California)

7. Plant a vegetable garden.

8. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in a 24 hour period.

9. Sleep outside under the stars.

10. Learn how to play golf.

11. Shop at a weekly farmers market.

12. Eat your meals outside.

13. Attend a minor league baseball game.

14. Take time to smell the roses.

15. Brunch, it makes Sundays that much more special.

16. Take a long drive.

17. Fly a kite.

18. Take an after dinner stroll.

19. Set up a scavenger hunt for friends & family.

20. Go on a bike ride.

21. Make iced coffee.

22. Visit a winery.

23. Make homemade ice cream.

24. Start spring time cleaning.

25. What ever you choose to do…enjoy yourself!

What spring time activities will you be doing?

Until next time…