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Pageant Of The Masters ~ Living Art

Every year, my family looks forward to a truly magical evening celebrating the wonders of art in the city of Laguna Beach, at the Pageant Of The Masters.

Pageant of the masters festival

  The Pageant Of The Masters is a world famous production of living art.  The performance is located in a outdoor theatre lit by the stars and surrounded by lush greens that transports you to another place in time.

Pageant of the masters theatre

The 90 minute “show” is made up of recreations of famous paintings and pieces of art known as “living pictures”.  My favorite part of the performance every year is when the Pageant Director Diane Challis Davy provides a recreation of the entire process the performers go through, from call time to being on stage.  The process is so interesting and even after watching it happen right in front of you its hard to believe you are not looking at the actual painting.  Each living art recreation is set to music from a live orchestra which enhances the whole experience.

Every year, the last piece of art work is always the same, I won’t spoil it for you if you have not been, but it is breathtaking and I am in awe every time I see it!  I have seen the original in person and the recreation is spot-on.  Handsome and I are fortunate to have a friend who performs every year in that last piece and a few years back he took my family and I on a private tour backstage.  What a once in a life time experience that was.  The amount of work that goes into each and every piece of art is mind-blowing.

Pageant of the masters living Art

If you love art this should be on your bucket-list.  People from all over the world travel to see this incredible artistry and illusion of living art.

Pageant Of The Masters

Runs every summer from July through August.

Check their website for dates and times.

650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Ticket Office 1-800-487-3378 {toll free}

Paws in the Garden, Garden Tour ~ Part 2.

Last week I was told you about the adorable garden tour, Paws In The Garden, I was invited to by one of my friends.  Here comes the next two gardens…

The next two gardens you are going to see are both located in the oldest neighbor in California.  The Los Rios District is located right across from the Capistrano Depot train station in the city of San juan Capistrano.  There are 40 homes in this neighbor, which vary in age from 50 to 204 years old.  3 of them are original adobe structures.  A majority of the homes are still private residences, while there are a few restaurants and businesses in some of the old homes.  Originally these houses were built for the workers and builders of the San Juan Capistrano Mission (yep, the same mission you studied about in 4th grade).  If you are in the area go talk a walk down this historic street.  It’s amazing!

It’s time to check out the third and fourth home on this fun tour through San Juan Capistrano.

House #3 (not a house, it’s an adorable artist’s gallery that has a fun garden area)

SJ Garden Tour House #3

Wouldn’t you love to greet the morning with a cup of tea on this rustic wood bench?

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour, Paws in the Garden

Or in the late afternoon share a few laughs with a friend over a glass of ice tea…or maybe something stronger?

 You too, can visit this garden and while you’re there check out their wonderful artwork.  The Cottage Gallery.

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House

On our way from garden #3 to garden #4, we passed by this artist creating a painting of one of the historic homes on Los Rios.

House #4

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4 As we walked through the picket fence we were greeted by this adorable plant stand.San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4 - 6

Don’t you just love this engraved rock surrounded by flowers that are butterflies favorites?

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4

I loved this old time water pump turned into a fountain.

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4 -9

The jacaranda tree provided plenty of shade in this garden.

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 10

Just like the day bed at the 2nd home in the 1st garden post here, how adorable is this desk set?  I love how both of these homeowners are using everyday indoor items as a place to showcase plants.

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 9

Isn’t this a treehouse any kid would love?

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 3

These raised garden beds are in their own gated community.  It’s the only way to keep the bunnies out!SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 2

What a great place to enjoy a lovely summer dinner with family and friends.

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 7

If you have been on Pinterest lately, then no doubt you have seen all the items you can make out of simple wooden pallets.  How adorable is this pallet chandelier with mason jars holding the lights?

I hope you enjoyed this Paws in the Garden, Garden Tour!

To see the first two gardens, click here.

Did you get a chance to check out The Ark of San Juan website?  If you love Cats and Dogs are are able to donate a little their way, I am sure they would appreciate it!

Thank you, Stacey for inviting me!

Until next time…

Paws in the Garden, Garden Tour in San Juan Capistrano

A few weeks ago, a friend invited me to the Paws in the Garden, Garden Tour in the charming historic city of San Juan Capistrano.  I am always up for going to a Garden Tour with friends.

SJC Garden Tour Sign

There were 4 gardens to explore and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Today, you will have a look at 2 of the stunningly unique gardens.

Let’s get started with Paws in the Garden…

House # 1

SJ Garden Tour House 1 - 5

When we first walked up the driveway we were greeted by this beautiful clay pot planted with green plants and white flowers, my favorite combination.  Don’t you love how the plants drip down the side of the pot?

SJ Garden Tour House 1 -1

This backyard reminded me of a beautiful villa in Spain, with graceful sounds of water splashing in the fountain and the pea gravel paths.

SJC Garden Tour House 1- 2

What a perfect place for quiet moments in this lush garden.

SJC Garden Tour House 1 - 3

There were a couple of arches throughout the yard with elegant climbing roses.

SJC Garden Tour House 1 -4

The homeowner was present in her back yard when we were taking our tour, and she told us the yard had been landscaped and is maintained by Rogers Gardens.  If you live in the southern California area and you haven’t been to Rogers Gardens, you must go, you are missing out.  If you don’t live locally do yourself a favor and check out their incredible website here.

House #2

SJC Garden Tour House 2 -1You know you are at the home of an artist as soon as you walk by this charming china plate mosaic mail box.

SJC Garden Tour House 2 -3

Then you are greeted by this topsy turvy clay pot arrangement.  I love how the flowers spill out of the pots on to the next one.

SJC Garden Tour House 2 - 2

How cute is this old laundry tub turned herb garden?  And the markers for the herbs, painted wooden spoons…Genius!

SJC Garden Tour House 2- 9As I walked through the white picket fence into the backyard, I felt like a child.  There was so many wondrous flowers and sculptures my eyes didn’t know where to look first.  I could have spent hours in that yard taking in all the delightfully pieces of art and flowers.

SJ Garden Tour House 2 -2

Be careful where you sit!

SJC Garden Tour House 2 - 6

Or sleep!  Talk about a bed of roses…

SJC Garden Tour House 2- 4

The house you are looking at beyond the the enchanting table is the adorable separate cottage suite.SJC Garden Tour House 2 -5

Can’t you just imagine having afternoon tea with all your dearest friends at this lovely table?

SJC Garden Tour House 2 -7

The entire backyard, house, and both cottages {guest suite and artist studio} are all shaded by this impressive tree.  One of the volunteers said it was one of the oldest trees in the city of San Juan Capistrano.

SJC Garden Tour House 2 - 8

Everywhere you looked there was flowers gracing every item.

SJC Garden Tour House 2 - 1

This sitting area was located next to the art studio cottage.  It is a perfect place to sit with a tall ice filled glass of sweet tea or a cocktail in the early evening.

So that is the first two homes…click here for the next two!

How adorable is the name of the tour, “Paws in the Garden” put on by The Ark of San Juan.   The Ark of San Juan is a Companion Animal Rescue, if you are interested in learning more about this awesome organization please click here.

The Ark of San Juan

P.O. Box 117, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693   ~  {949} 388-0034

Sherman Library & Gardens

Last week I had the pleasure of going somewhere I had never been, although I’d driving by almost daily for years and years.

Sherman Library & Gardens

Sherman Library & Gardens is a 2.2 acre botanical jewel.  It is located on the highly populated and busy Pacific Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar, California,  amidst all the boutiques, coffee houses, home specialty shops and exclusive showrooms, sits this unassuming natural beauty of over 1500 plants.  As soon as you walk through the gates you are transported to a different moment in time.  The beauty of the grounds calms you and your sense of smell is heightened with every breath.  The flowers fragrant scent wafts through the grounds as if someone was delicately spraying perfume.

I can go on and on about how beautiful this garden is but, I would rather show you.

Sherman Library & Gardens Pink Rose


Spring Garden Show

Happy May Day!

May 1st has many traditions, and flowers play a part in most of them.  So, in honor of May Day, I want to share with you a spring garden show I recently attended.  This spring garden show is one I look forward to every year.  3 floors of beautiful flowers and plants inside a shopping mall.  I can’t think of a more wonderful way to spend the day, viewing it’s breathtaking garden displays, listening to speakers, venders and much, much more.


This year’s theme was “The Garden As Art”, and featured Andy Warhol’s version of Botticelli’s “Venus” all done in flowers.  The flowers in the boxes below were colored coordinated, the were all so vibrant.Andy Warhol's version of Botticelli's venus done in flowers


Bruxie Gourmet Waffles