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Sharpie Mug Art

DIY Sharpie MugSince I am completely in holiday mode.  I thought I would share with you my new gift obsession!

The Sharpie Mug.

 I love making gifts for the people I adore. The Sharpie Mug can tell the person you are making it for, exactly how you feel about them.  It’s also a great gift for a child to make for their Grandparent, Teacher or Friend, the possibilities are endless.

Isn’t this Sharpie Mug adorable?  It’s easy, fun and only takes a few minutes to draw. You could draw a picture or a saying or a favorite quote. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you wish.  You can even use colored sharpies.  If you don’t like what you drew, just wipe the drawing off with rubbing alcohol and start over {I did this a couple of times}!  You don’t need to limit this to mugs, you can also use plates.

It’s so easy.

Mug and SharpieSupplies Needed:

  • Mug
  • Sharpie {any color of your choice)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baking Sheet
  • Oven


  1. Clean the mug with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt.
  2. Draw a design on your mug with the Sharpie.
  3. Place mug on baking sheet.
  4. Place baking sheet in oven while the oven is still cold.
  5. Turn on oven to 425 degrees.
  6. After 35 minutes turn off oven leaving mug in oven until it cooks completely.
  7. Remove mug.

Just a few tips…

The cheaper the mug the better.  The cheaper mugs have a thinner coat of glaze, so the sharpie can pass through easier in the baking process.

You want to make sure the mug heats up and cools down inside the oven.  The entire cooking process from start to finish takes about 50 minutes.

These mugs are hand wash only.  I have made a few where I put them in the dishwasher and they were fine, others that did not fair so well.

If a child is making this, it is always adorable to have their signature on the mug.

What a cute gift this would make with hot chocolate ingredients inside!

It’s the perfect personalized gift!

DIY Sharpie Mug Art



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Thanksgiving Succulent Centerpiece

Pumpkin succulent on display to make a Thanksgiving Succulent Centerpiece today, that will look as pretty and fresh on Thanksgiving?

My friend Julie, was telling me about a class she attended at a local garden store.  In the class she made a Thanksgiving/Autumn table centerpiece.  She explained the base of the centerpiece is a pumpkin, and the flowers adorning the pumpkin are succulents.  She showed me a picture of hers, it was stunning.  From the direction she gave me, I decided give it a try.

The reason the arrangement lasts so long is you never cut into the pumpkin.  Leaving it in tack ensures no rotting for the duration of the Autumn season.

I decided to use one of the mini pumpkins. Since I was going off memory and didn’t want to spend a lot on the items, just in case it didn’t turn out well.

Pumpkin succulent with moss

Pumpkin succulents succulents

Remove all soil from succulents.

Pumpkin succulent dry fit fit your succulents, then glue them in place

Pumpkin succulent direct view

Here’s how I did it.

Items Needed

Pumpkin {the cinderella pumpkins look very pretty with succulents}


Succulents {as many as needed to cover the top of a pumpkin in a variety of colors}

Pods, Seeds, Nuts {optional}

Tacky Glue {clear}

Spray Adhesive


1. Clean pumpkin.

2. Spray the top of the pumpkin with the spray adhesive.

3. Add approximately 1/2 inch worth of moss to the top of the pumpkin.

3. Clean all soil off of succulents.

4. Place large ones first in the center, using Tacky Glue to keep them in place, in the moss.

5. Add smaller succulents and pods, etc. to fill in.

It’s that easy!

Keep your Thanksgiving centerpiece looking beautiful all season.  Place your pumpkin on a placemat or a plate to protect the furniture you’re displaying it on.  Keep pumpkin in a bright location, indoors or outdoors.  Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time.  Mist with water once a week.

The beauty of this arrangement…When you no longer want to display it.  Just cut the succulents off with a butter knife under the moss and place them in your garden.  They will continue to grow.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece

Thank you, Julie!

Please send me pictures of your pumpkins with succulents with the hashtag… #itsallabouttheprettypumpkinsucculents

Until Next Time…


Thanksgiving Succulent Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Succulent Centerpiece



Thanksgiving Succulent Centerpiece DIY



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How to Make a Terrarium with Succulents


Terrarium 2

I’m trying to add more life (as in plant life) to my home.  The appeal of a terrarium unlike houseplants, they don’t require much gardening know-how.  I thought a terrarium would be the perfect solution.  They are low maintenance and always looks great.  I have been seeing a lot of terrariums lately at fancy boutique home stores and I am always surprised at how expensive they are.  So I did a little investigating and realized they are super easy to make.  When you make it yourself you get to pick the container size and shape of the container, the color of the rocks and if you want them to be big or small. Best of all, you choose all the plants!

Terrarium items

To make a terrarium, you will need:

A Glass Container ~ any size will do.  You can even make one in a wine glass

Succulents ~ as many as your container will hold

Rocks ~ I used aquarium rocks (more like little polished stones)



Garden Gloves** ~ may be needed

Terrarium gravelTerrarium Plants


Lay out newspaper so cleanup is easy peasy

Step 1: Place a layer of rocks in your glass container ~  about 1 to 2 inches, for drainage

Step 2: Place a layer of soil on top of the rocks ~ about 2 to 4 inches inches making sure it                 is deep enough to plant your succulents

Step 3: Add plants to soil and water, lightly

**It would be adorable to add small shells, sea glass or tiny trinkets to your terrarium

**Sometimes the soil gets on the leaves of the succulents when placing in the container.  You can use a small artist brush to delicately brush the soil away (or just blow it away, just don’t forget to close your eyes)

**If you choose plants with prickly leaves, it is best to use gloves when working with these plants

** To water, it is best to add a small amount at a time.  If the soil seems dry you can also mist the terrarium. Water about once a month, depending where you have placed your terrarium


Thats it!

I really love the way this came out.

Give it a try and let me know how yours turns out.



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