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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Moon and North Star

On a cool October morning, the alarm in our hotel room went off at 3:00 AM.  Handsome and I have been waiting for this day for months.  It’s our 25th wedding anniversary!  It’s hard to believe we have been married 25 years, where has the time gone?

Handsome surprised me for my anniversary by taking me to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  I’ve have wanted to attend this for as long as I could remember.  It’s the worlds largest Balloon Fiesta.  When we arrived at the site, it was dark, very dark.  We could hardly see in front of us.  But soon, the fire of the balloons illuminated the sky, it’s a breathtaking sight.

Balloon Festival Morning

The Balloons start firing up at 5:45 AM for Dawn Patrol.  Dawn Patrol Balloon pilots take off in the dark and fly until it is light enough to see the landing areas.  This gives the other balloonist an inkling on how the wind speeds are.  We were lucky, this was a Mass Ascension Day, it is where about a dozen balloons present a choreographed launch, set to music.

Balloon Festival Country Flags

Just a few of the countries represented at the balloon fiesta.  Italy, United States & England.

Balloon Festival, NM

The sky looks so amazing dotted with hundreds of hot air balloons!  A spectacular sight.  Balloon Festival Fire Collage

I loved watching the balloons filling with air and then rising into the powder blue skies.

Balloon FestivalLoved how this balloon represented pride in our great country.

Balloon Festival ElvisThere was even an Elvis sighting!

Balloon Festival Darth Vader And a Darth Vader and an elephant sighting!

Balloon FestivalThe colors of the balloons are so vibrant.  With over 600 balloons in attendance, every color and color combination possible cast a beautiful rainbow across the New Mexico sky.

Balloon Festival

The Albuquerque sky dotted with spine-tingling beauty.Balloon Festival, Albuquerque This is one of the most spectacular anniversary trips we have taken.  If you ever get a chance to go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, take it!  It is a sight and a feeling hard to explain.  And, if you are lucky and book early, maybe you too can go up in a hot air balloon.

New Mexico is unlike any other state I have traveled to.  Find out about New Mexico here.


Find out more about the Balloon Fiesta.  For time and dates, click below:

 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

 Or call: 888.422.7277

Disclaimer: We were not sponsored, compensated or affiliated by the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  I just wanted to share our wonderful experience with you.

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Estancia Hotel & Spa, La Jolla, CA

Wynn Las Vegas ~ A forest of flower balls


A few weeks ago, (when It was not quite as hot as it is now) Handsome and I went to Las Vegas for his birthday.  This was a 3-day trip, which is plenty for us in Las Vegas. There are so many hotels to see, we decided on the few we would concentrate our time at.  Wynn Las Vegas is one we have always wanted to go have a look see and to try our luck at winning a big jackpot, no big jackpot was had, but we did have a blast playing “Deal or no Deal”.  When we went to check out the hotel shops at the Wynn, we ran into a beautiful unexpected surprise, an indoor forest with hanging balls of flowers.  I felt as though we were in a scene from Alice in Wonderland.Wynn LV Flower Balls


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A Sunday Drive to Temecula

It was our 25th wedding anniversary and Handsome had in store a week of surprises planned to celebrate this milestone in our lives. It’s hard to believe we have been married that long, a side from the fact, I am no longer that size 6, and we have 3 children. In my head, I am still that 25 year old!

My week of surprises started off on Sunday, when we drove to Temecula, CA.  Which is about 90 minutes from Los Angeles and about 60 minutes from Orange County and San Diego.  It was a wonderful drive, just to be able and talk and not be interrupted was a great treat! (more…)

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The Flower Fields

If you live anywhere near Carlsbad, California, then a must see is The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.  The rolling hills of Ranunculus flowers seem like they go on forever (50 acres to be exact). This year, the day I visited was a perfect sunny California day, there was a cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean which made the flowers seem as though they were dancing and waiving as the visitors walked by.


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