Color mine a…Blue Bedroom

Looking to change the color of your bedroom?

How about going for a blue bedroom?

The older I get, the more I like the color blue.  It seems to have a calming affect on me and that is exactly what Handsome and I need at the end of a long day.

Blue Bedroom


Linen Navy Nail Button Bed King $699.00 + free shipping

Knotted Wool Rug by ZARA HOME $799.00

Olivia Salon Chair Design by Aidan Grey $1950.00

Verona Home One Drawer Accent Table $203.00

Ulysses Pendant Lamp $1575.00

Haley Table Lamp $293.00

Streamline Blue Throw Pillow 12X20 $60.00

Mary Ann Leff, Dream Beach art work Williams-Sonoma $2800.00

TAG Indigo Glass Votive Holder $16.95

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Favorite Buys

Sometimes my favorite buys are not things I bought at all.  In fact, they are items I received as a gift {somebody bought them, right?}!

Here are a few of my most recent favorites…

Favorite Buys 2 On our most recent trip to Napa, Handsome and I stopped in to the most adorable olive oil store, Lucero, located in downtown Napa.  The manager took us around tasting all the different olive oil and balsamic vinegars they produce.  We ended up buying this gift pack with several flavors.        Gift Pack $36.00

Favorite Buys 2 Ipad camera connection (1 of 1)When iPad’s first came out, I really wanted one.  The only thing stopping me from purchasing it was there was no way to download pictures directly from an SD card on to the iPad.  That has all changed thanks to this little device.  It is a Camera Connection Kit.   $29.00
Favorite Buys 2 Ipad  (1 of 1)

What can I say…I know, iPad’s have been out for more than 4 years and I just got one!  But, like I said earlier, I was waiting to be able to download my pictures to it when I was away.  iPad from $499.00Favorite Buys internet password logbook I love my new Internet Password Logbook.  I know people are always saying to never write down passwords. But, how does one keep track of them all?  If you keep this little book in a safe and secure place, when those little brain freeze moments happen you won’t have to redo your password…again!  $12.59Favorite Buys Mike's Hot Honey (1 of 1)Do you like food with a little kick?  Then have I got something for you!  The other day my favorite son brought me home some of Mike’s Hot Honey.  We have been trying it on all sorts of things.  My favorite so far is a crostini with goat cheese, thinly sliced apple slices, with the hot honey drizzled on top. $10.00

What are your favorite recent buys?

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Sharing Love

In my never-ending quest to find all things new {and not so new}.  Today, I’m sharing my most recent internet finds.  Hope you enjoy what I am highlighting today, in this edition of Sharing Love.

Real Simple has these Smart Tips From a Home Fragrance Expert.

 Get your house smelling beautiful for the Holidays!

Sharing Love 2-3

See how changing your password should change your life.

Things you never thought about, but should!

sharing love2-1

Take a look at 18 of the world’s most beautiful gardens according to buzz

Oh, the beauty!

Sharing love 2-2


Very clever!

Sharing Love 2-4How 6 pretty trays help me hold it all together by Susan from Your Home Only Better.

Now I know what to do with all those trays I have in that small drawer under the ovens.

share love 2-5

Sharing Love

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Autumn 2014 ~ things to do

Autumn 2014 to do list

Even though I don’t live where the true season of Autumn happens like the rest of the country, it is still my favorite season.  I love the thought of cozy sweaters and high boots.  I love snuggling with Handsome on cool nights and going to football games with our tailgate buddies.  I love warm drinks with a little something extra and I like to take long walks with Handsome in the sand, at the beach, under the full moon in the crisp air.

Here are a few things I can’t wait to do during this Autumn season.

1. Go apple picking

2. Collect Autumn Leaves

3. Make a pinecone bird feeder

4. Make butternut squash soup and serve it in a pumpkin bowl

5. Go on a wine tasting tour during harvest

6. Make pumpkin bread

7. Give sunflowers to a friend when they’re not expecting them

8. Go to a pumpkin patch and pick the perfect pumpkin

9. Make candy apples

10. Have Christmas shopping done before November 1st


What is your favorite Autumn activity?

A hay ride?  Watching all the kids dress-up for halloween?  Snuggling in the chilly air with someone special?  Carving Pumpkins?

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Simple Shoe Storage

Simple Shoe Storage

I’ve been wanting to organize my shoes into a simple shoe storage solution for a while.  Whenever I buy a new pair of shoes, I just add the box to a shelf in my closet. I hated the way all the boxes were different colors and sizes, and I never knew what shoes were in which box.  It was a hassle going through all the boxes to find what pair I was looking for.

I finally decided to do something about it!

Shoe Storage boxes

While shopping at Hobby Lobby, I found these sturdy boxes that are the perfect size for shoes and low boot storage.  They have several different patterns to choose from.  The size I decided to purchase is 13 3/4″ X 5 1/2″.  Depending on the shoe, you may be able to fit 2 pairs of shoes per box.

Shoe Solution pic monkey

Once I had purchased all the boxes the shoes would go in, I took an individual  picture of all my shoes.  I then used the free online photo editing program PicMonkey to put 4 shoes per page, so I could then print out the images.

Shoe Storage pictures of shoes

Once the shoe pictures were printed, I cut each shoe picture out individually.  I then adhered each photo to the front of each box

Shoe Storage shoes in box

and placed the shoes in their corresponding box.

 And there you have it, an organized simple shoe storage solution!

Disclaimer: I am/was not sponsored by Hobby Lobby, I just found the perfect size pretty boxes for my simple shoe storage solution.

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The Survivor Tree

Last time I was in New York City, I did what I always do, visit Ground Zero.  I pay my respect to the thousands of men, women, and children who lost their lives and say prayers for the many people who have to live with the loss from that tragic day.

The last time I was there, I noticed something I hadn’t the previous times.

The Survivor Tree at Ground Zero

The Survivor Tree

It was a tree that had endured the horrific terrorist attacks that happen on September 11, 2001 to the World Trade Center.  This little tree, a callery pear tree to be exact, had been burned, had it’s roots ripped from its trunk, and rubble covering it when this tree was found.  The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation took the callery pear tree in it’s care to rehabilitate it back to health.  After years of care, the tree was then returned back to the 9/11 Memorial sight in 2010.

When I was there in the spring time, the tree was just starting to blossom, it looked sturdy and healthy.  Every year this tree grows stronger and stronger just like the people of our nation.

 Today, The Survivor Tree stands as a reminder of the resilience of the people of our great country, The United States of America.

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Favorite Buys

Do you ever find yourself taking stock of your most recent purchases?  I can go days without ever pulling the “card” out of my wallet, then all of a sudden everywhere I turn, I’m handing that “card” out right and left!

Here a just a few of my most recent Favorite Buys…


Favorite Buys los poblanos lavendarWhen Handsome took me to the romantic Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm, he bought me a jar of culinary lavender to bring home with us.  I used it up very quickly and have always wanted more.  I finally ordered another one from their Farm Shop here.  It comes in an adorable reusable glass jar.  Culinary Lavender $12.


Favorite Buys hanging basketsI love my new galvanized wire baskets, I just purchased them from World Market a few days ago.  They are perfect place to store all my fruits and vegetables up and out of the way.  Aston Galvanized Basket $17.99 each


Favorite Buys paseo robles general store candleI picked up this incredible smelling candle while I was at the General Store in Paso Robles a few weeks back.  It’s petite in size and has a lid which is great for the times when you light a candle right before bed, when you blow it out you can place the lid back on and sleep safe and sound. Antique Clove Natural Candle $8.99

Favorite Buys flour sifter

I was in the need for a new baking sifter when I ran across this pretty patterned one at World Market.  I have never seen one with a cute pattern like this.  Can you tell I love this place?  This is the second item on this list I purchased at World Market.  6 Cup Spring Flour Sifter $9.99

What were your favorite buys recently?


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A Summer of Pictures is Worth a Thousand Words!

This summer has been a whirlwind of events.  It has been a summer of instant pictures documenting moments.  It has been a summer of meeting new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and hanging out with family and the friends that I count on daily.  I’ve documented where I have gone and what I have eaten.  It is an incredible way to look back at what you have done.

Can you imagine if Instagram was around in the ’20s to catch the underground world of prohibition?  How about Frank Sinatra’s singing debut in 1940?! Maybe the fashion of the ’60s? Or in 1980 snow falling in the Sahara Desert?  I know there were cameras during these era’s to document these historical events, however, I like how Instagram gives a million different views of the same experience in different perspectives.

Being that this weekend is the unofficial end of summer and since I started out the summer with this post, I thought I would end summer with my recap, summer of  pictures!

Summer of Pictures June

Summer of Pictures July

A Summer In Pictures AugustTo find out where these events have taken place check out my Instagram.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Don’t forget to Instagram.  If you are not on Instagram, you should be!

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It’s Football Season!

It’s the first official weekend of football season!

It's Football Season

It’s that wonderful time of year when people pack into a football stadium, excitement is in the air. It may be your local high school game, college game or a NFL game. You walk through the tailgates and the kids playing catch, pass all the people carrying solo cups, and into the stadium you go. The smell of hot dogs and kettle corn surround you as you walk to your seats.

What do you wear to a football game?

Depending on the weather, go casual and comfortable.  Remember even if the game starts out in 90 degree weather it can quickly change to the 60′s in no time flat.  It’s nice to carry a scarf in your purse for just those times. Wear comfortable shoes, sometimes you have to park far from the stadium.  Keep accessories to a minimum, after all it is a sporting event.

Majestic Jersey Long Sleve Scoop Neck T-Shirt $85.00

Stella Mc Cartney Skinny Long Denim Pants $295.00

Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf $395.00 – $495.00

Alexander McQueen Padlock Leather Backpack $2,095.00

Tory Burch Livia Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet $95.00

Chinese Laundry Ideal Boots $79.00

Essie Professional Clam Bake $18.00

NARS Audacious Lipstick $32.00

It does not matter where you are watching football game, at a stadium, going to a bar or you’re going to a friend’s place to watch your favorite team, you need to be looking your best.

Who’s your favorite football team?

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Kissable Lips

Do you want kissable lips?LUSH lip scrub

I found a new product that I am so excited about.  I knew I had to share with you.

LUSH’s BUBBLE GUM lip scrub!

LUSH’s products are made with fresh organic fruits and vegetables and fine essential oils.

It is my favorite lip scrub yet!  It smells amazing and after exfoliating my lips, my lips are so smooth and kissable.  The blood rushes to my lips while I’m exfoliating and I think it makes my lips appear fuller {if only for a bit}.  This is the perfect time to start using the lip scrub right before your lips start getting dry and cracked due to the weather changes.

A lip scrub is like any other body scrub, its uses a sandy like texture to remove dried dead skin when rubbed on your lips.  By removing the dried skin off your lips makes your lips supple and soft, so you have kissable lips!

Did you know lipstick and glosses will last longer on your lips when you have exfoliated them?

Using a lip scrub weekly will keep your lip surface soft and smooth so your lipstick and glosses with stay on longer.  When you exfoliate your lips regularly your lips will retain their natural moisture and will help prevent cracking and splitting of your lips.


Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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