Apps I love

It seems as the days come and go we have less and less time to get anything done–so I am happy to enlist anything that makes my life a tad bit easier, like apps.

Apps I Love

YourMoji Keyboard: I’m having so much fun with this one.  It allows you to create emojis from photos of yourself, friends & others. Then you can share the custom emoji on iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.  Plus, there are a ton of pictures the app already has.  Your emoji’s are only limited to your imagination.

Free – This app is currently available on iOS and is coming soon to Android

Square Cash:  Send money for free.  If i’m going in on a gift for a friend with several people this app allows me to pay the purchaser of the gift back immediately for my share of the gift.  And the same goes for someone owing me money, they can Square Cash it to me by just entering the amount and pressing send.  It’s that quick and easy.

Free – Available for iOS

Beet: Perfect for anyone who wants to capture life’s everyday moments in 6 minute videos.  Beet allows you to compile your video together to form a stream of your life as it happens.  You get to tell your story and follow your friends stories as they happen.

Free – Available for iOS

Balanced: Need a personal coach to keep you balanced?  This app does just that.  We all have days where get to the end of the day and we never got up out of our desk.  Balanced will send you preset reminders to drink water, stretch, or just, take a break.  We could all use a little Balanced in our fast paced lives.

Free – Available for iOS With this app you create lip-sync videos with you as the star. provides millions of songs to choose from.  There are also many video effects you can add to your lip-sync video.  You can even share your videos with your friends over many social media sites.

Free – Available for iOS

What apps are you using to make your day easier or bring a smile to your face?

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I like my drinks COLD!

The cold winter we were having just a few months ago is but a distant memory now.  The heat of summer has been turned up along with the humidity which means we are drinking a lot more cold drinks.

I don’t know about you, but I like my drinks really cold when it hot and humid outside, so when the wonderful people at NewAir heard this, they introduced me to their NewAir AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Cooler. When I saw their product I could not wait to try it out.

If you read this post you can see I set up a bar cart recently so I thought having the beverage cooler next to the bar cart would be the perfect match.

I like my drinks cold

5 metal racks come with the cooler, although I set mine up with only 3 because I wanted to store my large bottles at the bottom in the bin area.


  • 5 metal removable racks and a spacious storage bin that hold up to 126 cans of your favorite beverage.
  • Interior LED light with an ON/OFF switch.
  • 7 thermostat settings that keeps your drinks as cold as you like them.
  • The stainless steel and glass door flatters any decor.
  • Perfect size for a man cave, recreation room, garage, office or dorm room.

 i like my drinks cold

Do yourself and your refrigerator a favor and get yourself a NewAir AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Cooler.  You will be glad you did!

Thank you NewAir for providing me with a AB-1200 Beverage Cooler for review.


*This is a sponsored post

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My Obsession With My Bar Cart

When I was growing up, our family home had a formal living room that was only used on holidays and when my parents entertained.  Located in one corner of the room was a bar cart that was fully stocked.  I always loved that bar cart.  The crystal decanters and the fine cut crystal glasses glistened in the light of the room and the rainbow of colors they made danced off the curtains.

As a child, I always thought the adults looked so elegant drinking their alcoholic beverages, men with a high ball glasses and ladies with their martini glasses.  There were no bottles of beer anywhere in sight.

My Obsession With My Bar Cart

When decorating my home, I wanted to add that same elegant memory of my childhood home.  For a few years I have been looking for the bar cart that catches my eyes and I finally found it.  I fell for it for many reasons, the first, is it comes with two removable trays that can be used with or without the cart, I really enjoy that feature.  The trays are covered in leather and have french inspired embroidered wine labels, they each also have two metal handles.  The cart is on casters which is perfect to be able to wheel the cart to which ever room Handsome and I are entertaining in.

 Bar Cart, beverage holderI did have a custom piece of glass cut for each tray, I thought it would keep the embroidery and the leather nice for a long time.

If like this bar cart and would like it in your home I got mine here.

What memory from your childhood home did you bring into your now home?


*this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to tell you about my new bar cart


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Links I Love

My favorite five links I love from around the web.

Links I Love


1. The World’s Best Garden Dining ~ (

Even if you decide not to dine at number 5 on this list, you must try one of their macarons.  There is no other like the taste of theirs.

2. How to make your make-up products last even longer ~ (

If you take nothing else from this list please make sure you throw out your mascara after 3 months whether you have used it or not once it has been opened.  Mascara is a breading ground for bacteria.

3. You’ve Never Used A Lemon Like This Before ~ (

I can’t wait to give some of these unexpected uses for lemons a try.

4. 25 daily habits that will make you smarter ~ (

These are all great habits that won’t be too difficult to incorporate in to our daily lives.  I think I’ll start with my top five and then add two more each week.

5. 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A. ~ (

I’ve always looked for the hidden Mickey head throughout the park whenever I have gone to Disneyland but, I never thought of looking in the movies.

Hope you enjoy the links I love.  If find any links you love from around the web, let me know about them in my comments section.

Until next time…

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To Fitbit Or Not To Fitbit…

garmin, weight tracker, steps tracker, fitbit, jawbone,

For sometime now I have been contemplating getting a FitBit for myself.  And like anything that has to do with exercise, I think about why not to do it, more than I think about doing it!

There are so many questions I have been asking myself…  Do I really want to wear that thing on my wrist 24 hours a day?  By wearing that band on my wrist I feel like I’m announcing to the world… HEY WORLD, I’ve kinda let myself go and now I want to get healthy (I know most people won’t event notice it, but that what goes on in my head)!  I know there is the clip on style instead of the wristband, but it is also important for me to find out how much actual sleep I’m getting.  Do I need to start wearing pajamas just so I can attach the FitBit clip to something (that seems uncomfortable)?  Just like my previous pedometers, I would forget to attach the clip to my clothing everyday.  If this FitBit is going to happen, it’s going to have to be the wristband style.

I have friends with FitBit’s and they all seem to like them.  Most of them said it has been a great motivator to get in those extra steps daily.  Some have the wristband style and some have the clip on, each are very happy with the style they chose.  They like that you can check in with your friends who have a FitBit on the phone app and see how many steps everyone is doing weekly.  A motivator or added pressure?

Well, I did it!  I got myself a wristband style FitBit.  So far so good!  The first week I didn’t really change the way I was living and when I checked in every evening to see how many steps I had taken for the day I could not believe how little I was moving.  It has proven to me I really needed this device to get at least 10,000 steps in daily.

…And the sleep? Seems as the daily steps go up I’m sleeping with less restlessness. Win, Win!

And the wristband I was so concerned about, Tory Burch makes a cover for the FitBit to conceal it.

So I guess my answer would be…To Fitbit!

This is not a paid or sponsored post, just my view.

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Look Fabulous On The 4th of July

 Independence Day is approaching fast and that means you need to look fabulous on the 4th of July.  Pick your perfect place to watch the fireworks, fire up the grill, and enjoy the day with family and friends!

Get your Red, White & Blue on and show your patriotic spirit!Look Fabulous On The 4th of July

Dress – ModCloth Sleeveless A-line Frappe

White Denim Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger

Handbag – Polka-Dot Soft Ricky Bag, Ralph Lauren

Sandals – Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Pandy’ Sandal, Nordstrom

Lipstick – Rouge Allure Velvet Intense Long-Wearing Lip Colour, Chanel

Ruby Stud Earrings - Lab-Created Ruby Round Stud Earrings

Sunglasses – Charlotte LOUIS VUITTON


Happy Fourth of July!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Show your love for all the father’s in your life!

Make it a great father’s day by picking your dad a gift from our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015!

Father Day Gift Guide 2015


1. Tom Ford - Noir Extreme Cologne.  Your dad might not know who Tom Ford is, but you know he will be smelling his best with this great smelling cologne.

2. Kiehl’s – Facial Fuel. This “facial recovery accelerator” helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress for a healthy, invigorated appearance. Dad’s skin will feel refueled, re-energized and revitalized!

3. Omaha Steaks – Dad’s Day Dinner Combo. Dad will be one happy man receiving this gift of Omaha Steaks.  One more thing you can do…prepare it for him and you!

4. Frank & Oak – Exercise For Gentlemen: 50 Exercises to do with your suit on.  Is your dad too busy to work out?  Help your dad can laugh himself to a healthier him with this classic exercise book from 1908!

5. Heirloom – State Shaped Cutting Boards.  Dad will love cutting his protein on a custom state shaped cutting board.

6. BevMo! – Highland Park Scotch 25 Year. 100 PTS 2013 ULTIMATE SPIRITS CHALLANGE.  powerful aroma with brooding aromas of vanilla, baked cherries, toffee and toasted walnut. With an intense, sweet finish. 

Until Next Time…

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Summer 2015 ~ Adventure List

Summer 2015 Adventure List

With the official beginning of summer only a few weeks away I thought I should get a jump start and make an adventure list deciding on what adventures I would like to accomplish this summer of 2015!  Every year I make a adventure list (see last years here).

Since time just seems to go by so quickly during the wonderful days of summer and with how rough of a winter most of the country endured, I think we should all get out of the house and enjoy the wonderful summer weather of the great outdoors!

Here is my summer adventure list…

1. Go berry picking

2. Stargaze while sipping on whiskey

3. Go on a picnic at the park

4. Attend a outdoor concert

5. Take Handsome on a surprise weekend away

6. Roast marshmallows at the beach

7. Have a paper airplane contest

8. Play adult hide and go seek

9. Find a 4-leaf clover

10. Bake an apple pie

11. Go to brunch with friends

12. Eat dinner outside as often as possible

What do you have on your 2015 summer adventure list? 

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Weekend Ware

 Weather your weekend is filled with fun summertime activities or reading a book by the pool this weekend ware outfit will keep you feeling comfortable.

Weekend Ware

Jimmy Choo “Cindy” Gold Copper Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Ambercrombie & Fitch Embroidered off-the-shoulder Peasent Blouse

Boutique 1 Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Shorts

Target Merona Oversized Woven Straw Tote

Nordstrom “Georgica” Jelly Sandal

Cartier Love Bracelet Pink Gold

Can you believe there is only a few more days and then it is the unofficial start of summer?

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

One of my favorite weekends of the year!  Once Memorial Day is here, so is all the fun, beach days, backyard BBQs, and so many more fun outdoor activities.

It’s also time for Nortstom’s Half Yearly Sale!

Until next time…

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Links I Love

 Ready for this weeks Links I Love?

Links I Love, how to keep flowers fresh, apartment therapy

Now that Spring is in full swing, treat yourself to the joy of having fresh flowers in your home. I found this post on The Best Way to Keep Flowers Fresh on apartment therapy’s site.  After reading this, we won’t have to replace them so often!

Links I Love, 20 top hiking spots, USA TODAY

 It’s time to get those hiking boots on and head off on to the 20 top trails across the USA, according to USA TODAY.  There is a lot of beautiful land in this great country of ours, take some time to explore it.

Links I Love, How to properly format your resumeAre you a new graduate? Are you looking for a new job?  Here is a helpful infographic on How To Properly Format Your Resume from HubSpot Blogs

Links I Love, money saving ideas, real simpleWe are all trying to save a little cash-ola, here are 7 Easy Money-Saving Ideas from REAL SIMPLE.

Links I Love, Harpers bazaar, best lipsticks, spring

Looking for new lipstick colors now that the dreary winter is finally over?  Take a look at #THELIST: 10 Best Lipsticks for Spring according to Harpers Bazaar.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the Links I Love this week.

Until Next Time…

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