Links I Love No. 8

Happy October!

These are all the Links I Love this week!Links I Love No. 8

  1. What is your favorite Presidents Net Worth? Inside Gov  You are never going to guess who the richest President is and how much he is worth!
  2. 5 Classic Books To Get In The Mood For Fall. Real Simple  If you live in an area like I do where it’s hard to tell one season from the next, maybe reading one of these books will put you in the mood!
  3. What Do Our Dreams Mean?  How Stuff Works SCIENCE  Do you have a reoccurring dream?  Do you dream you are naked walking down the street?  Find out the answers to this questions and others.
  4. How To Apply False Lashes Beautylish  Ever wonder how to apply false eyelashes?  It will be a breeze once you see these easy 7 steps.
  5. The One Must-Eat Food In Every State  Find out what your State’s speciality is!
  6. Fall Foliage Map Florida, the leaves changing colors is not looking so great for you!
  7. When White Doesn’t Work! Design mistakes.
  8. Gossip Girl Characters: Where Are They Now? EllE XOXO Ever wonder what happened to certain members of the cast?
  9. Americas Most Surprising Six-Figure Jobs. Forbes  Do you have one?

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Why Autumn Is So Awesome!

Why Autumn Is So AwesomeHappy Autumn!

Today on this first day of Autumn, I thought I’d share with you why Autumn is so awesome and why it’s my favorite season of the year.


Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

If Autumn is not your favorite season, here are some reasons for you to fall in love with Autumn too.

Watching the leaves change colors ~ Crisp fall air ~ Homemade pies ~ Carving pumpkins ~ Pumpkin bread ~ Go to a pumpkin patch ~ Apple picking ~ The smell of a wood burning fire place ~ Friday night lights ~ Stepping on crunchy leaves ~ Making s’mores ~ Sweaters ~ Hot chocolate ~ Caramel brûlée lattes ~ Turkey ~ Boots ~ Baking ~ Halloween ~ Octoberfest ~ Cuddle weather ~ Scarves ~ Mulled wine ~ Hay rides ~ Visit a corn maze ~ Pumpkin spice latte ~ Flannels ~ Carve pumpkins ~ Walk in the crisp evenings ~ Hayrides ~ Turkey Trot ~ Halloween parties ~ Macy’s Day Parade ~ Thanksgiving food ~ Pumpkin seeds ~ Soup ~ The harvest moon ~ Blankets ~ Black Friday ~ Roasting marshmallows ~ Hot tea ~ Leather jackets ~ Rainy days ~ Ghost stories ~ Hiking ~ Fall table arrangements ~ Pinecones ~ Pomegranates ~ Getting together with family & friends ~ Oversized sweaters ~ Sweaters for dogs ~ Thunderstorms ~ Autumn sunsets ~ My birthday ~ Halloween Oreos ~ Grilled cheese sandwiches ~ Holding hands to keep warm ~ Uggs ~ Candy Corn ~ Fall flowers ~ Carmel apples ~ Football Tailgating ~ Reading while it’s raining ~  Bobbing for apples ~ Popcorn balls ~ Go wine tasting ~ Hot Toddy ~ Wearing onesies ~ Candle lit baths ~                  …Just to name a few!

And finally, Christmas is that much closer!

What are your favorite things about Autumn?


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Links I Love ~ No.7

This weeks Links I Love are 6 links that I enjoyed and I thought you might too!

Links I Love #7

  1. Shop For Sunglasses By Your Face Shape, {Neiman Marcus} ~ Look your best whether your wearing sunglasses for function or function.  Which of the four face shapes do you have?
  2. Everything You Need For A Fantastic Tailgate, {The American Tailgater} ~ Be the best tailgater in the parking lot or in your backyard with these amazing tailgating items!
  3. Mindy Kaling’s Guide to Killer Confidence, {Glamour} ~ It’s Mindy!  What else needs to be said?
  4. #TheList: 15 Books For Fall, {Bazaar} ~ You won’t want to miss reading these books.  Let me know which is your favorite!
  5. 6 Secret Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do, {Time} Good to know!
  6. The 10 Best Things About Spending A Friday Night At Home, {Huff Post} If I’m not doing Friday night lights this is where I love to be.  Got to love the Golden Girls and Freaks and Geeks.

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Best Tips For A Safe Mani/Pedi

Best Tips for a Safe Mani-Pedi, manicure, pedicure, nail salon, pampering

I’m not here trying to scare you, but………

Millions of women and men take their hard earned money to enjoy lives little luxuries and a mani/pedi is definitely one of those luxuries.  So, before you go to your favorite salon take a look at my best tips for a safe mani/pedi!

  1. Arrive early to your appointment to make sure the salon is maintained properly. Watch how the footbaths are cleaned and disinfected between each client. Also, great indicator is the restroom, if it is kept clean chances are the rest of the salon will be too.  Make sure trash containers are not overflowing and that the shelves are dusted.  A clean salon is a great way to tell the owner and technicians value cleanliness.  If the salon is not clean, chances are the footbaths and implements aren’t either.

  2. Salon License should be posted in plain site on the wall, along with the technicians licenses.

  3. Single Use Items Emery Board, Buffing Block, Orange Sticks, Pumices and Toe Separators.  These items should never be used on more that one client.  They all can harbor bacteria and fungus with the potential to be passed from client to client if used on more that one person. Cuticle oil should be used with a dropper rather than a brush.  Brushes are not sanitary to use on more than one client.

  4. How does the technician sterilize their tools?  You want to make sure they are using a bottle of disinfectant.  The disinfectant should not appear cloudy or dirty looking.  The most effective way to make sure the implements are clean it to bring your own and clean them yourself.  Just purchase what your technician uses on you at your local drug store.  No salon should have a problem with you bring your own tools.

  5. Make sure the technician washes her hands before she gets started on your nails or feet.  Request that they wash their hands or wear gloves.  Be very careful of a technician with fake nails, it is very hard to clean the area between the real nail and the fake nail.

  6. Don’t shave your legs 24 hours prior to getting a pedicure.  Small cuts from shaving can leave small skin openings where bacteria can enter.  If you have a cut, wait until it is completely healed before getting a pedicure.

  7. Whirlpool footbaths  You should NEVER place your feet into a footbath with jets.  It is impossible for a salon to clean the jet area completely.  The jets are suppose to be cleaned by a 10 minute bleach bath in-between each and every customer (most salons do not have time for this, they try to get you in and out as quickly as possible).  This type of footbath puts your health at risk each time you put your foot in one.  In an extreme case in Texas, a woman died after contracting a staph infection from a whirlpool footbath.  The safest footpath is the basin type where the technician places a bag over the tub.  When they are done with each client they just throw out the bag with all the water.

  8. Don’t let the technician cut your cuticles! Cuticles are a barrier of protection for your nails.  When your cuticles are cut you are opening the door to infection.  Cutting your cuticles can also cause ridges on your nails, white spots, or white lines.  Push back your cuticles when you are in the shower and the cuticles are soft.

  9. Don’t let the technician scrape callused skin off of your feet!  Doing this can put you at a higher risk for infection.  This procedure needs to be done by a podiatrist only.

  10. Some salons dilute their nail polishes when they become dry or clumpy with nail polish remover.  This practice compromises the quality of the nail polish, causing the polish to chip easily.  The best way to make sure you are getting a color that will last, and to avoid any spreading of germs, bring your own polish (this way you have the correct color for touch ups)

Always practice best tips for a safe mani/pedi!

Until Next Time…


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Links I Love

Happy Friday!  

We have finally made it to the end of what was, at least for me, a very long week.  I can’t believe it is already September and Autumn is right around the corner.  I am so excited for Autumn, I love everything about my favorite season from the warmer clothes to the heartier food to the Friday night football games (Our groups tailgates are the best, CREDO).

This weeks Links I Love are nine links that have peaked my interest, so I thought they just might peak your interest too!

Links I Love

ONE:  Things You Didn’t Know About Flamingo Lawn Ornaments {House Beautiful}

TWO: Hollywood’s One Trick To Being Photogenic {Pure Wow}

THREE:  Save Your iPhone Charger’s Life {Good Housekeeping}

FOUR:  How To Apply Bronzer Correctly {The Beauty Department}

FIVE:  Secrets for performing better under pressure {Business Insider}

SIX: Donate your old jeans and get a discount on a new pair! {Madewell}

SEVEN: Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Your Face Shape {Verily}

EIGHT:  How To Make friends As A Grown-Up {Real Simple}

NINE: 12 things guys Will Never Understand About Periods {Cosmo}

Send me a link to what you love on the internet.

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My New Makeup Favs

I just can’t help myself with stores like Sephora, Ulta, & Nordstroms, it’s hard not to buy new makeup.  So here are three of my new makeup favs.Monthly Beauty Buys, Sephora, Ulta, Benefits, Mac, ItThe three items I’m loving this month are: The POREfessional face primer, CC+, and Please Me.

Monthly Beauty Buys, Sephora, Ulta, Benefits, Mac, It

The POREfessional Face Primer by Benefit Cosmetics

I recently upgraded my magnifying mirror and realized just how large my pores had gotten.  YIKES!  POREfessional to the rescue!  I love that POREfessional is an oil-free product and contains vitamin E, which is known to protect skin from free radicals and it camouflages the look of my growing pores. YAY!

Monthly Beauty Buys, Sephora, Ulta, Benefits, Mac, It

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ by It Cosmetics

I never been one to wear a foundation daily, but ever since I purchased this CC+ cream, I have.  It super light yet still gives great coverage and the mineral 50+ sunscreen helps protect my skin. This product, along with the one above is a great way to give my skin that flawless look!

Monthly Beauty Buys, Sephora, Ulta, Benefits, Mac, It

Please Me, Matte Lipstick by MAC

I’ve always had an obsession with lipstick and I am so excited to be sharing my newest with you. Please Me is a lovely warm toned medium rosy pink lipstick made by MAC Cosmetics.  It is the perfect everyday transition lipstick between summer and fall.  MAC matte lipsticks have great staying power.  For evening, I top off my lipstick with a gloss.

Hope you enjoy my new makeup favs.

Until Next Time…

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Links I Love

My favorite 6 links I love from around the world wide web.

Links I Love 8-28-15

1. 11 Insane Celeb Closets You Have To See  Los Angeles Confidential Magazine

2. Styling Dogs Into Cubes, It’s A Thing In Japan  Details

3. 16 Instagram Tips and Tricks You Can’t Afford To Miss  Digital Trends

4. 10 Things Happy People Do Before Lying In Bed Every Night  Lifehack

5. Wedding Portraits In Unforgettable Landscapes From Around The World      Twisted Sifter

6. Find The #1 Song On The Day Your Were Born  Playback




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Clean Out Your Closet

poshmark, facebook. thredupA few weeks ago I was invited to a clothing exchange party.  Even though I was not able to attend, it got me thinking how badly I needed to clean out my closet of all the clothes stuffed in the back that I will never wear again.  That following weekend I was determined to get my closet in order and I did just that.  Before I knew it I had 2 quite large piles, one to donate and one to sell.  I put all the clothes in my car and drove to the consignment store I had previously gone to, when I arrived I saw that they had gone out of business.

I immediately Googled consignment clothes and online re-sale apps poped up.  After doing a bit of research I quickly realized how easy these apps are to use.

So far my favorite re-sale app sites are:

POSHMARK This app can be used with Your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.   Just add your pictures set your price and your item is up for sale.

The RealReal is a luxury consignment site that consigns women and men’s luxury fashion, fine jewelry, watches, and fine art.

ThredUP they evaluate your clothes and they decide weather they will pay you upfront (Items listed under $60) or your items will be on consignment (items listed over $60).  They take the picture of the items and list them.  When your item sells they will pay you through Paypal.  If your items do not sell you must let them know if you want your items back or they will donate them for you.

There is also Tradesy & Depop

You can even find groups on Facebook.  Just search for Online Yard Sales in your area.  It’s perfect if you don’t want to deal with the post office and shipping of the item.  You just meet the person locally to do the exchange.  I would suggest meeting the person in a busy public place.

Make sure you read exactly how each of the online apps work and what percentage of the sale they will be charging you for the sale of your item.

In order to receive the highest amount you can for your item take a picture of the item against a neutral background.  Make sure the clothing is ironed.  Most charge between 30%-60% of the original price.

Hope this has inspired you to clean out your closet!

Until next time!

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Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining

So you’ve decided you want to do some outdoor entertaining!

The first rule to successful entertaining whether it’s outdoors or indoors is to let go of the idea everything must be perfect!  If you follow this one tip it will help you relax and enjoy your guests so much more!

Here are my eight tips for success:

ONE: A few fresh flowers and candles set all around the entertaining area will set that relaxed ambiance.  If you are able add a few twinkling white fairy lights through the trees or on a patio cover, that always makes the area looks great.

Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining

TWO: Have a drink station outside with a few different appetizers so the guests can grab their own drinks and appetizers while you are greeting the arriving guests.  It’s also nice to have bottled waters and sodas for your friends who don’t drink or the DD.

THREE: Choose a menu that can be made ahead like this one and this one.  And what ever you do don’t make a recipe for the first time when guests are coming over, that usually does not end very well!

Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining

FOUR: Buy your dessert, unless you are a pastry chef.  This one detail takes a little stress off you or if you have a fire pit s’mores always make a great dessert with little fuss.

FIVE: Provide a coffee and/or hot chocolate nightcap.  Brew some coffee and/or hot chocolate and provide liqueurs (Amaretto, Frangelico, and Baileys), flavored creams and toppers for the hot chocolate.

SIX: Make sure you have soft music playing in the background or if you have a record player encourage your friends to bring some of their albums to play.  It’s fun to see the different genre of music everyone listens to.

SEVEN: Have a few games like corn hole or ringtoss.

EIGHT: Keep it simple and enjoy the company you have invited over instead of running around to make everything perfect!

The best memories are the ones remembered with laughter!

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Apps I love

It seems as the days come and go we have less and less time to get anything done–so I am happy to enlist anything that makes my life a tad bit easier, like apps.

Apps I Love

YourMoji Keyboard: I’m having so much fun with this one.  It allows you to create emojis from photos of yourself, friends & others. Then you can share the custom emoji on iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.  Plus, there are a ton of pictures the app already has.  Your emoji’s are only limited to your imagination.

Free – This app is currently available on iOS and is coming soon to Android

Square Cash:  Send money for free.  If i’m going in on a gift for a friend with several people this app allows me to pay the purchaser of the gift back immediately for my share of the gift.  And the same goes for someone owing me money, they can Square Cash it to me by just entering the amount and pressing send.  It’s that quick and easy.

Free – Available for iOS

Beet: Perfect for anyone who wants to capture life’s everyday moments in 6 minute videos.  Beet allows you to compile your video together to form a stream of your life as it happens.  You get to tell your story and follow your friends stories as they happen.

Free – Available for iOS

Balanced: Need a personal coach to keep you balanced?  This app does just that.  We all have days where get to the end of the day and we never got up out of our desk.  Balanced will send you preset reminders to drink water, stretch, or just, take a break.  We could all use a little Balanced in our fast paced lives.

Free – Available for iOS With this app you create lip-sync videos with you as the star. provides millions of songs to choose from.  There are also many video effects you can add to your lip-sync video.  You can even share your videos with your friends over many social media sites.

Free – Available for iOS

What apps are you using to make your day easier or bring a smile to your face?

Until next time… XOXO








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