Look Fabulous On The 4th of July

 Independence Day is approaching fast and that means you need to look fabulous on the 4th of July.  Pick your perfect place to watch the fireworks, fire up the grill, and enjoy the day with family and friends!

Get your Red, White & Blue on and show your patriotic spirit!Look Fabulous On The 4th of July

Dress – ModCloth Sleeveless A-line Frappe

White Denim Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger

Handbag – Polka-Dot Soft Ricky Bag, Ralph Lauren

Sandals – Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Pandy’ Sandal, Nordstrom

Lipstick – Rouge Allure Velvet Intense Long-Wearing Lip Colour, Chanel

Ruby Stud Earrings - Lab-Created Ruby Round Stud Earrings

Sunglasses – Charlotte LOUIS VUITTON


Happy Fourth of July!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Show your love for all the father’s in your life!

Make it a great father’s day by picking your dad a gift from our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015!

Father Day Gift Guide 2015


1. Tom Ford - Noir Extreme Cologne.  Your dad might not know who Tom Ford is, but you know he will be smelling his best with this great smelling cologne.

2. Kiehl’s – Facial Fuel. This “facial recovery accelerator” helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress for a healthy, invigorated appearance. Dad’s skin will feel refueled, re-energized and revitalized!

3. Omaha Steaks – Dad’s Day Dinner Combo. Dad will be one happy man receiving this gift of Omaha Steaks.  One more thing you can do…prepare it for him and you!

4. Frank & Oak – Exercise For Gentlemen: 50 Exercises to do with your suit on.  Is your dad too busy to work out?  Help your dad can laugh himself to a healthier him with this classic exercise book from 1908!

5. Heirloom – State Shaped Cutting Boards.  Dad will love cutting his protein on a custom state shaped cutting board.

6. BevMo! – Highland Park Scotch 25 Year. 100 PTS 2013 ULTIMATE SPIRITS CHALLANGE.  powerful aroma with brooding aromas of vanilla, baked cherries, toffee and toasted walnut. With an intense, sweet finish. 

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Summer 2015 ~ Adventure List

Summer 2015 Adventure List

With the official beginning of summer only a few weeks away I thought I should get a jump start and make an adventure list deciding on what adventures I would like to accomplish this summer of 2015!  Every year I make a adventure list (see last years here).

Since time just seems to go by so quickly during the wonderful days of summer and with how rough of a winter most of the country endured, I think we should all get out of the house and enjoy the wonderful summer weather of the great outdoors!

Here is my summer adventure list…

1. Go berry picking

2. Stargaze while sipping on whiskey

3. Go on a picnic at the park

4. Attend a outdoor concert

5. Take Handsome on a surprise weekend away

6. Roast marshmallows at the beach

7. Have a paper airplane contest

8. Play adult hide and go seek

9. Find a 4-leaf clover

10. Bake an apple pie

11. Go to brunch with friends

12. Eat dinner outside as often as possible

What do you have on your 2015 summer adventure list? 

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Weekend Ware

 Weather your weekend is filled with fun summertime activities or reading a book by the pool this weekend ware outfit will keep you feeling comfortable.

Weekend Ware

Jimmy Choo “Cindy” Gold Copper Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Ambercrombie & Fitch Embroidered off-the-shoulder Peasent Blouse

Boutique 1 Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Shorts

Target Merona Oversized Woven Straw Tote

Nordstrom “Georgica” Jelly Sandal

Cartier Love Bracelet Pink Gold

Can you believe there is only a few more days and then it is the unofficial start of summer?

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

One of my favorite weekends of the year!  Once Memorial Day is here, so is all the fun, beach days, backyard BBQs, and so many more fun outdoor activities.

It’s also time for Nortstom’s Half Yearly Sale!

Until next time…

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Links I Love

 Ready for this weeks Links I Love?

Links I Love, how to keep flowers fresh, apartment therapy

Now that Spring is in full swing, treat yourself to the joy of having fresh flowers in your home. I found this post on The Best Way to Keep Flowers Fresh on apartment therapy’s site.  After reading this, we won’t have to replace them so often!

Links I Love, 20 top hiking spots, USA TODAY

 It’s time to get those hiking boots on and head off on to the 20 top trails across the USA, according to USA TODAY.  There is a lot of beautiful land in this great country of ours, take some time to explore it.

Links I Love, How to properly format your resumeAre you a new graduate? Are you looking for a new job?  Here is a helpful infographic on How To Properly Format Your Resume from HubSpot Blogs

Links I Love, money saving ideas, real simpleWe are all trying to save a little cash-ola, here are 7 Easy Money-Saving Ideas from REAL SIMPLE.

Links I Love, Harpers bazaar, best lipsticks, spring

Looking for new lipstick colors now that the dreary winter is finally over?  Take a look at #THELIST: 10 Best Lipsticks for Spring according to Harpers Bazaar.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the Links I Love this week.

Until Next Time…

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Daisies in a Tea Cup

Daisies in a Teacup

How adorable are these daisies in a tea cup?

Wouldn’t this make a cute hostess gift or a pick me up for a friend who has been down?  It is the perfect little something to show someone you care.

daisies in a tea cup, tea cup

And here is how you do it…

Soak florist foam in water before you begin per package directions.  You can find florist foam at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any craft type store.

Cut florist foam to fit the tea cup you have chosen.  Have the florist foam a little bit above the cup so the flowers will have some additional height without being all stems.

daisies in a teacup, putting in the tea cup

Cut the flower stems about an inch long.  Start with the row around the cup’s lip making sure you cover the lip of the cup.

Daisies in a tea cup over view

Add another row of flowers above the first row.  Make this row a bit higher than the bottom row and keep adding until the florist foam is completely covered.  You should have a dome shape.

You can use any type of flowers you like.  Mixing and matching different flowers in the tea cup would also be adorable.

daisies in a teacupI just love these daisies in a tea cup.

Until next time…

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Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Guide


Mother's Day 2015 Gift Guide

 Mother’s Day is just 9 days away (Sunday, May 10th)!  I’ve gathered up some gift items in my Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Guide for all the lovely maternal ladies in your life.


1. Kate Spade Walk on Air Eau de Parfume Spray 1.7 oz. ~ Sweet and tender layers of lily of the valley, magnolia and crinum lily.

2. Rebecca Minkoff Ava Zip Wallet ~ I love this wallet that could also be carried at a clutch!

3. Kendra Scott Kristina Earrings in Turquoise & Gold ~ Simply elegant.

4. Tory Burch for FITBIT Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet light oak + rose gold ~ The perfect way to make the Fitbit fashionable.

5. ‘Lette Macarons ~ What more could be said about a luscious macaron?  You just have to taste it!

6. The classic Lokai Bracelet ~ The black bead holds mud from the dead sea and the white bead carries water from Mount Everest. 10% of their net profits go to charitable organizations.  See which ones here.

7. Fresh, Candles ~ “It’s about you bringing the fragrance to life.” -Lev Glazman, Co-Founder

8. Wedgwood Harlequin Butterfly Bloom Teapot ~ What mom wouldn’t love a beautiful Wedgwood teapot?

9. Lush Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner ~ Made with silky-soft butters, almond oil and a dash of strawberry juice.


Happy Mother’s Day! 

*Some of the above links are affiliates.

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Get Ready for Summer!

Before we know it, the long hot days of summer will be here and this past brutal cold winter will be just a memory.

 I thought I would help you get ready for summer by showing you a “cool” product that will make the heat of summer a lot cooler!

The NewAir AF520B Misting Fan

Getting ready for summer new air misting fan

The wonderful people at Air & Water introduced me to their NewAir AF-520B 18″ Deluxe Outdoor Misting Fan.  Prior to testing out this fan the only other times I have been around misters was at Disneyland and poolside in Las Vegas.  I didn’t even realize you could get this wonderful gem of a machine for your own back yard.  Since receiving this fan, I have learned that using a misting fan outdoors reduces the ambient air temperatures.  Did you know misting fans remove heat from the air through the mist and when the heat is removed the air could be up to 25 degrees cooler?  Another cool thing about this misting fan it helps repel insects, as well as pollen, and smoke. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors like I do, I’m sure this misting fan will come in very handy when your neighbors are smoking outside.

Getting ready for summer with a NewAir misting Fan


  • Mists up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Durable construction to weather outdoor elements
  • User friendly
  • Easy to put together
  • Oscillating and tilting head
  • Adjustable fan height
  • Can be used with or without mist
  • 3 speeds
  • 3 misting nozzles to keep you cool

Do yourself and your family a favor, if you live where the summers are long and hot, get yourself a NewAir AF-520B 18″ Ultra Quiet Outdoor Misting Fan.  You and your family will be glad you did!

Thank you Air & Water for providing the Misting Fan for review.

NewAir AF520B Misting Fan

A Name You Can Trust

*this is a sponsored post

*Some of the photos were supplied by NewAir

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Houseplants for a Healthier Home

For a healthier home, houseplants are the ultimate decorating accessory, while looking pretty they also clean the air space of harmful pollutants, naturally. Studies have shown that just a few specific houseplants throughout your living space can rid your home of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and xylene.  Most people don’t realize the air quality inside our homes can often be worse than outside our homes.

Here are just 10 of the many houseplants that can improve your indoor air quality.

1.  Aloe (Aloe Vera)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home, Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera ~ A sun loving succulent that is used for burns to the skin and is also know for removing formaldehyde and benzene from the air, which can be found in paint and cleaning products.

2. Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home, Gerbera Daisy, plants, flowers

Gerbera Daisy ~ Not only is this flowers pretty, it absorbs carbon dioxide and at night gives off oxygen.  NASA has reported this plant removes benzene, a cancer causing chemical. It also removes trichloroethylene, which can be found in dry cleaning.  The Gerbera Daisy loves light.

3. Mother-in-Law Tongue (Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home, snake plant, mothers in law tounge, Sansevieria

Mother-in-Law Tongue ~ It is a wonderful houseplant because it requires little light and loves steamy humid conditions, perfect for a bathroom.  It is know as the very best plant to rid your home of formaldehyde which can be found in toilet paper & cleaning products.

4. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home

Spider Plant ~ This hearty plant is the perfect choice for the non-green thumb person.  NASA has said this plant ranks among the top 3 houseplants for removing formaldehyde in the air.  It is also known for removing carbon monoxide. A perfect plant to hang in the garage ( as long as it receives some light).

5. Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum Morifolium)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum (Mum) ~ With so many color choices the Mum can blend into any decor.   It is effective for removing benzene, a carcinogen (a known cancer causing substance). , which can be found in plastics, glue, paints, cigarettes, and some detergents. Mums love lots of water and partial sun light.

6. Pothos ( Scindapsusaures)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home Pothos

Pothos ~ This fast growing plant is powerful against formaldehyde, toluene, and other toxins in the air.  Pothos is the perfect choice to put in a area with low lighting and cooler temperatures.  This is also a good choice to place in the garage.

7. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home Peace LilyPeace Lily ~ This is one of my favorite indoor plants.  I just love the dark green foliage against the bloom of the stark white flower.  The Peace Lily aids in the removing alcohols, acetone, trichloroethylene, and benzene. It has the ability to remove many pollutants and it has topped NASA list to be among houseplants for removing all 3 common VOCs.  The Peace Lily like indirect lighting.

8. English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home English IvyEnglish Ivy ~ Besides looking great planted in baskets with other plants. A study has shown that the English Ivy plant reduces airborne fecal-matter.  It also aids in ridding the air of formaldehyde.

9. Heart Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron Oxycardium)

Houseplants for a Healthier Home Heart

Heart Leaf Philodendron ~  This plant is a defender against many different VOCs, particularly against formaldehyde from particleboard.  **This plant is very toxic, keep away from children and pets.

10. Phaeleonopsis Orchids

Houseplants for a Healthier Home

Phaeleonopsis Orchids ~ This plant rids the air of xylene, a pollutant found in glues and paints. They also give off oxygen in the evening so they are an excellent plant to have in the bedroom.

Always check to see which plants are safe to have around children and pets.

Until next time…

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Peeps Bunny Flower Arrangement

Peeps flower arrangement, pinterest Have you ever seen this adorable spring time Peeps flower arrangement?

Well, if you go on Pinterest, you have!  All last spring I kept telling myself I was going to make one, then spring came and went and it was too late.  So this year, as soon as I saw peeps, I bought 2 boxes and went to work.

Here is the items I used…

Glass Cylinder ~ The large one that holds the peeps.

Small Glass ~ For the one that holds the flowers.

These Peeps and these Peeps.

Marbles ~ To hold the flowers in place.

I purchased the flowers at Trader Joe’s.

Here is how I did it…

Place the smaller glass inside the larger class cylinder.  Place the bottom row of peeps (what ever color you like) between the walls of the two glasses.  Now place the second row of peeps on top of the first row.  Don’t be afraid to squeeze them into place.  Add a small handful of marbles to the glass that will hold the flowers.  Carefully add water to the inside glass about 1/2 way full.  Cut flowers to the desired length and add the flowers to the water.

Nothing says spring like a peeps floral arrangement.  It’s so easy and rather inexpensive to make.

Happy spring!

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Until Next time…

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