It’s Beginning To Feel Like Autumn

its beginning to feel like autumn

It’s beginning to feel like Autumn (at least in my head!).  

I’m in Southern California where there has been a huge heat wave, lately.  Today, it is suppose to get up to 90 degrees, again (5 days in a row).  That is just too hot for me, even during the summer!  To give myself the feeling of Autumn (inside my home) I have been decorating with pumpkins and Autumn scents.  This heat wave could only last so long, right?

Here is my favorite Autumn look:

ACNE STUDIOS DEBORAH V-NECK WOOL SWEATER $380.00 at Matchesfashion   I’m loving this Camel-beige colored cozy sweater.  The ribbed-knit style with the classic v-neck gives that relaxed silhouette.  Perfect to be worn with a vest or without.

H&M – FAUX FUR VEST – LIGHT BROWN $39.00 at H&M    A faux fur vest is a must have this season.  I love that this one by H&M is lined and comes with side pockets (perfect for holding you cell phone) and has hook-and-eye fasteners to keep it closed in front. 

STUART WEITZMAN TIELAND OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS $981.00 at mytheresa   These over the knee boots look great with skinny pants as well as a skirt or romper.

STREET LEVEL REVERSIBLE FAUX LEATHER TOTE & WRISTLET $48.00 at Nordstrom   I have been wanting this versatile tote for some time now.  I think it’s time to go buy this reversable tote.

ELIE SAAB ‘LE PARFUM’ EAU DE PARFUM $98.00 – $125.00 at Nordstrom   “A harmony of white flowers, cedar woods and a drop of honey creates an encounter as feminine as the trail of an evening gown. An addictive, refined fragrance with a Mediterranean spirit. The exceptional in the everyday”.

BURBERRY WATERLOO WATCH $145.00 at TheRealReal   This Burberry watch is the perfect day-time casual watch.  I really like the toggle closure as it adds a bit of fun to any outfit.  It also looks great combined with a chunky bracelet.

VANESSA MOONEY ‘DEMI’ BOLO WRAP NECKLACE $55.00 at Nordstrom   I’m loving this bolo-inspired necklace!  Made of suede, it length is a whopping 72″ (tassels are 2 1/2″).  It’s the perfect necklace to give you that choker-look plus a playfull looking long necklace!

KENNETH JAY LANE CHUNKY SATIN-FINISHED HAMMERED OVAL LINK BRACELET $52.50 at Last Call by Neiman Marcus   The perfect addition to wear with the Burberry watch.

H&M – SLIM-FIT PANTS HIGH WAIST – BLACK – LADIES $19.99 at H&M   You just can’t beat the price on these go-to black pants.

DIAMANTISSIMA RING by GUCCI $965 at Gucci   What can I say…I love this ring!

Is it beginning to feel like Autumn where you are?

Until Next Time…


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Taking Care Of Yourself

How well do you take care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself

Taking care of ourselves is usually one of the last things on our minds when there are so many others that need us.  When life gets busy, your body needs you the most.  Give it the attention it needs and don’t feel guilty about it.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of others properly. Try to set time for yourself daily.

Everyone needs “me” time.  Here are a few ideas…


Unplug from all electronics.

Light your favorite candle and relax.

Buy yourself your favorite flowers, weekly.

Go grab dessert with your best friend.

Go on a bike ride.

Swing on the swings at the park.

Eat take-out with your best dishes and cloth napkins.

When someone offers you a compliment, just say “Thank You”.

Take a long warm bath with Epsom Salts and essential oils.

Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

Go to bed early.

Go for a walk and notice the beauty around you.

Turn off the news, listen to music and sing out loud.

Drink water with your favorite fruit infused in it.

Binge watch your favorite TV show.

Try something you have always wanted to, but never made the time for.

Wear your favorite perfume to bed.

Invite a friend over and cook dinner together.

Meditate (here’s a good place to start Calm)

Watch a funny movie.

Take yourself out on a date.

Get and give at least 1 hug a day.

Drink a warm glass of lemon water every morning.


Write yourself a LOVE letter.

In the comment section, please share with me what your favorite self-care thing to do is and which one of my ideas you are going to try.

Please, be good to yourself!

Until Next Time…

















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A Few Of My Favorite Photos From Instagram ~ July ’16

Favorite Instagram Photo’s ~ July 2016favorite instagram photosJuly started off with a relaxing day strolling down Del Mar Street in San Clemente, CA.  Drinks and a late lunch at South of Nicks, for Handsome and I.  And, a fun surprise running into an old friend.

Favorite instagram photos

This is my favorite flag in Orange County and on the 4th of July it is even more special.  I love the view of the statuesque flag gently waving in the ocean breeze.  Long May She Wave!

Favorite instagram photos

Ellie’s Table, Where Happiness is Homemade.  I don’t what to say this place is heaven on earth, BUT…!  Their pastries are like no other.  If you’re on a diet, don’t…just don’t!

Favorite Instagram Photos

Isn’t this flower beautiful? It is grown on the Passion Vine also known as the Passiflora Vine.  Not only does this vine produce this stunning flower it also produces the delectable passion fruit.  A close friend of mine has a garden that is unbelievable, where she grows this plus a myriad of other flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  Look for a post of her garden (coming soon).

favorite instagram photos

Who knew there was a decorator in 2016 that thought the disco ball was a good design feature?  I guess they liked it so much they put up 3!

favorite instagram photos

World’s Largest Wind Chimes are in Newport Beach, California.  There are 300 bell-shaped domes and over 300 chimes.  The chimes were installed in September of 1967.  It is quite an amazing site to see in person.

favorite instagram photosMost Saturday mornings Handsome and I attend a local car show.  We grab a coffee and walk up and down the parking lot aisles looking at all the different cars.  They have every car from Maseratis to Volkswagens.  Rarely, do I ever see a Alfa Romero, Spider.  Weather it’s at the car show or driving on the street.  I get very excited when I see one.  My first car was a red one just like the one that was at the car show.  It brought back some fun memories!

favorite instagram photosThe Loop was one of my most favorite foods I ate in the month of July.   Their churros are so delightful I have been craving one daily.  Not only are they delicious, but the staff are the sweetest people ever!  Look for a post coming soon.  P.S. they are also a Pokemon Go stop.

favorite instagram photos

I can’t even explain the joy I feel when I look at this door.  It’s located in Laguna Beach, CA.  I know something wonderful must be on the other side!


Until Next Time…


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Summer 2016 ~ Adventure List

Summer 2016

“it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!”
― Kenny Chesney

Summertime is the time to be carefree and spontneous (something with the help of Handsome, I have gotten much better at).  So this years Summer 2016 ~ Adventure List is going to be full of things that are in and out of my comfort zone along with some “to do” items I’ve been wanting to try.

  1. Throw a dart on a local map and go to where ever it lands for the weekend.
  2. Go fishing.
  3. Make a different flavor of homemade ice cream, every week.
  4. Go Geochaching   Who’s in to go with Handsome and me?
  5. Play flashlight tag.
  6. Play chess at the ocean.
  7. Watch the sunrise at the beach and the sunset in the mountains on the same day.
  8. Take the 48 Hour Film Project.
  9. Watch movies in my backyard on a big screen.
  10. Make Sun Tea.
  11. Go olive oil tasting.
  12. Visit a different Farmers Market every week.
  13. Spend a whole Sunday in my pajamas watching old movies.
  14. Attend at least 3 outdoor concerts.
  15. Take a Instagram picture everyday.
  16. Send a message in a bottle.
  17. Host a Olympic watching party.
  18. Start a podcast.
  19. Make my dad’s famous lemonade. (recipe coming on Its All About The Yummy, very soon)
  20. Walk barefoot in the grass.
  21. Ride a bike on the boardwalk.
  22. Go on an eating tour of Los Angeles.
  23. Make fresh jam.
  24. Take evening walks with Handsome.
  25. Enjoy every moment!


What’s On Your Summer 2016 Adventure List?

See my Adventure Lists from the past for a little more inspiration.

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Spring…It’s Not Over Yet!

Spring...It's Not Over Yet!


It’s my favorite time of year.  The peonies are blooming, the birds are singing, and the butterflies are dancing!

 It’s Spring, of course.

Marc Jacobs Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses, Bloomingdales

The floral print on these sunglasses are the perfect way to bring flowers with you wherever you go!

Down the rabbit hole straw daisy tote, Kate Spade

Isn’t this straw bag a fun springtime accessory?   It’s the perfect tote when you have lunch with friends or heading to the beach.

Love Spring Leather Watch, Olivia pratt

An adorable watch desgin by Olivia Pratt featuring a soft and comfortable genuine leather strap in spring colors, a large polished metal bezel, a colorful spring-centric dial design.

Carrie Ceramic Shift Dress, Diane von Furstenberg, Orchard Mile

The perfect dress to have as a staple in your wardrobe.  It’s simple, yet has the exposed zipper in the back for that surprise detail.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet’ Eau de Toilette Spray, Nordstrom

A sparkling floral, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a composition fashioned like a dress embroidered with a thousand flowers. Its floral bouquet pays homage to Christian Dior’s legendary passion of flowers, glorifying the mandarin and the peony on downy notes of white musk. The peony is at the heart of the new signature while its unique trail combines the rose Damascus essence with fruity notes to recreate the outstanding scent of the flower, elusive in its natural state.


My new favorite color.  I know this color will take me right through Summertime.

Kate Spade 14k Gold-Plated Yellow Stone Daisy Stud Earrings, Macy’s

Nothing says Spring like yellow daisey’s.  Everyone needs a pair of these daisey stud earrings (I love that they are 14kt. Gold-Plated)

Jack Rogers Whipstitched Flip Flop, Nordstrom

These Jack Rogers sandles are not easy to find in California, so you could imagine my delight when I realized Nordstrom carries them.

Until Next Time…


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Is Your Smile Brilliant?

Do you love taking selfies, but when you look at your picture all you notice is your yellow teeth?

 I’ve got the solution,

Smile Brilliant!

Recently, when I was taking a few selfies with my daughters, I noticed just how yellow all of our teeth had gotten.  Too much coffee and red wine.  We’ve tried the whitening strips you buy at the store and they are expensive yet never seem to whiten our teeth to any noticeable amount.  So, when the wonderful staff at Smile Brilliant offered to send me a kit to try, I was elated!  Mia, Nina, and I played rock, paper scissors, to find out who was going to be the lucky one of us to get to try out the Smile Brilliant product.

And the winner is…


Smile Brilliant

Did you know to get your teeth whitened at a dentist office can cost as much as $700+ (depending on the area)?  When I did a little research on the Smile Brillant company I learned that they use the same ingredients as the whitening products used by many cosmetic dentists.  In fact, Smile Brilliant’s lab has been providing teeth whitening services to cosmetic dentists for over a decade. Same great product for a fraction of the cost!


The Smile Brilliant Process:

Creating the custom molds (just like at the dentists office)

Smile Brilliant

Once you place your order, within days you will receive a kit to make your custom impressions.  The step by step instructions makes it a cinch.  Mix the blue and white paste together, place it in the blue tray (one at a time) and place it in your mouth.  Once the impression molds are completely dry just pop them in the postage paid envelope provided to you in your kit.

Receiving your custom fitting trays.

Smile Brilliant

We were so excited to receive Mia’s custom trays back.  She couldn’t wait to get started.

It’s easy with the step-by-step directions.  Place the gel provided into the custom molds and wear them from 30 minutes to 3 hours (you get to decide). Mia wore them for 45 minutes the first day and loved the results, so each time she wears them 45 minutes.  If you have sensitive teeth there is desensitizing gel provide in the kit.

Smile Brillant
Using the custom trays. The first whitening session. The second whitening session.

And the best part…you get a beautiful smile and you never have to leave your home!

Please enter Smile Brilliant’s Giveaway HERE!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get updates on Mia’s teeth whitening process!

If you would like to see more Smile Brilliant before and after photos and read some reviews check out their page, here.  Or click on Smile Brilliant’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Check out this awesome YouTube video by Danielle Mansutti and the results she got, click here.

**All photos of Mia are unfiltered and untouched, the photos were taken at different time of the day.

Until Next Time…






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Goodbye Old Makeup

Is it time for you to say goodbye to some of your favorite makeup?  Here’s a guide to know when to hold them and know when it’s time to say, goodbye old makeup.

Goodbye Old Makeup

There is a good chance you used an expired mascara this morning.  We, women, tend to hoard makeup.  Buying new but never throwing out the old.  It is time to stop that!  How long do you keep using your mascara? 4 months, 5 months?  Did you know the recommended time to use mascara once it is opened is 3 months?

  • Don’t keep makeup in your car. The extreme temperatures make your products go bad more quickly plus in the heat, your lipsticks and eyeliners will melt.

  • When using a product that comes in a jar or bottle, always use a cosmetic spatula to transfer the product from the bottle instead of your fingers which can pass bacteria to your products.

  • Once you open a new product the time starts ticking away for when you need to get rid of that item.  Write the date on the product with a sharpie.

  • DO NOT share makeup with anyone!  If you let a friend use your makeup give it to them for keeps!

  • Keep makeup pencil sharpeners clean so you don’t spread bacteria once you sharpen that pencil.

Face Makeup

When To Say Goodbye: Six Months to 1 Year for liquids; Two Years for Powders

Product Shown #1 Clinique #6 Nars #5 MAC #9 Laura Mercier

Eye & Lip Liners

When To Say Goodbye: (Eyeliner, Eye Brow & Lip Liner) Liquid Eye Liner-Three Months, Pencil Eye Liner and Lip Liner-Six to Eight Months

Product Shown #3 Stila


When To Say Goodbye: Three Months or Less! **Please follow this one.  An eye infection is horrible.

Product Shown #2 Lancome


When To Say Goodbye: Cream Eyeshadow-Six Months  Powder Eyeshadow-Two Years

Product Shown #7 Urban Decay


When To Say Goodbye: One to Two Years

Product Shown: #4 Yves Saint Laurent

Nail polish

When To Say Goodbye: 2 to 3 Years or when nail polish has separated and the colors are dark and cloudy.

Product Shown: #8 Nails Inc

With all this information, please use common sense when deciding if your “old” makeup is ok to use. If your lipstick doesn’t smell the same as it did when it was brand new anymore, if your nail polish is separating with a funky color or your lipgloss is gunky, it’s time to say goodbye old makeup!

The best part of clearing out the old makeup?  You have a reason to buy more!

Until Next Time…

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Happy Spring 2016

Happy Spring 2016

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Getting Ready For Spring

Getting ready for spring

Can you believe it’s March already?  Spring is almost there!

Have some Springtime signs started showing in your area yet?  Over on this end of the country, sadly, we haven’t had as much rain as any of us would have liked.  Yet, the trees that have lost their leaves a bit ago are starting to show springtime signs of regrowth now.

Are you getting ready for Spring?

Spring is such a wonderful time of year.  The perfect time to feel the warm sun kissing your cheeks (don’t forget to wear sunscreen).  So, get out of the house and enjoy the loveliness that springtime gives us.

Here are just a few things you can do:

  1. I know it’s cliche but really go on a picnic with someone you love to a park, lake, or beach.  This one is on every outdoor list yet most people I know haven’t been on a picnic in years.
  2. Visit the Carlsbad, CA flower fields.  If you are within driving distance this is a must see.  The flowers go on forever and there is a great outlet mall that is right next door.
  3. Plant a garden.  Even if it’s a herb garden.
  4. Enjoy outdoor seating at a restaurant.  Why be stuffy inside when you can enjoy outside?
  5. Fly a kite.  Have you ever made one using newspaper?
  6. Buy fruits and vegetables at farmers markets.  The fruits and vegetable are always fresher and taste better when it’s farm to market!
  7. Buy new sandals.  Just because!
  8. Bring fresh flowers into your home.  It’s nice to bring the beautifulness inside.
  9. Look for four-leaf clovers.  Have you ever found one?
  10. Go hiking.  Even it’s a short one, it’s wonderful to be one with nature.
  11. Have an adult scavenger hunt.  This is such a fun activity with a group of friends.
  12. Play a round of miniature golf.  When is the last time you did this?
  13. Make this for dinner. It’s a delicious and easy springtime/summer meal.
  14. Meet a friend at the park for lunch instead of a restaurant.  I’ve done this and it is so nice spending time talking and catching up in the fresh air.


What will you be doing to get ready for spring?


Until Next Time…



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My New Salt And Pepper Shakers

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone.                       #UniquelyMine  #CollectiveBias

I love the colors of black and white together and those are the colors of my kitchen.  A few years back, Handsome and I changed our backsplash to a beautiful black granite and a white marble rectangle pattern, we fell in love with it from the moment we saw it and knew it had to be our black splash.  The counter tops are Absolute Black granite and my stove top is also black (yes, you could say I like black).  Lately, I have been wanting a pop of color in the area of the kitchen that the stove top is located.  Not knowing how exactly to achieve it, I thought I would keep searching until the right item just popped out at me.

Coke, diet coke, pepsi, sprite, dr. pepper, soda, pop

Who knew I would find the pop of color for my kitchen while I was shopping at Ralph’s {Kroger} Grocery Store?!?  Yes, Ralph’s!  I was walking down the soda aisle when I came upon a display of these unique Diet Coke 12oz glass bottles.  And then it hit me, exactly what my pop of color would be!  When Handsome and I first started dating we loved to go out to brunch, we would frequent one restaurant that would have glass Coca Cola bottles as their salt and pepper shakers and I always thought they were so cute.  With Diet Cokes unique design (no two bottles are alike) I knew this would be the pop of color I had been looking for and they would look great on my counter top!

My New Salt and Pepper Shakers

So in my basket they went.  I picked 4 of my very favorite bottles, but with so many choices, it wasn’t easy!  Once I got home I couldn’t wait to begin.

My New Salt & Pepper Shakers 2 (1 of 1)

The first thing I did was pour myself a glass of Diet Coke.

 I love the refreshing taste!

Then I got started on making my salt and pepper shakers.

Here is how I did it:

My New Salt and Pepper Shakers

  1. Throughly clean and dry the bottles.
  2. Gently removed the bottle cap from the bottle making sure not to stretch out the cap, so it will snap back on tightly.
  3. Use any small item that you can place the bottle cap on to drill the holes.  I used the top to a sprinkler head.
  4. Place a piece of tape over the top of the bottle cap and mark where you want the holes to be.
  5. Drill the holes in each cap.  I put 4 on the salt and 3 on the pepper.
  6. Fill the bottles with salt and pepper using a funnel.
  7. Snap the caps back on to the bottles.
  8. Then proudly display your unique colorful new salt and pepper shakers!

** If you stretched out the cap when you removed it from the bottle and it doesn’t snap back on tightly, use a bit of hot glue around the outside top of the bottle to secure the cap back on.  It’s easy to remove the cap when you need to refill the bottles, then just repeat with the hot glue.

Coke, diet coke, pepsi, sprite, mountain dew, squirt, canada dry

Don’t they look great?  The perfect POP of color that area needed.

My New Salt & Pepper Shakers

How cool are these Uniquely Mine salt and pepper shakers?

Make sure you head to your nearest Kroger store to pick up a few of these Uniquely Mine bottles of diet coke.  They are limited edition bottles and will only be around until supplies last!  Hurry!

To find out more about Diet Cokes limited edition bottle click here.

Until Next Time…


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