Links I Love 8-28-15 15
Take a look at my favorite links I love from around the web. You have got to see the new way some are cutting their dogs hair, you won't believe your eyes!

Links I Love

poshmark, facebook. thredup 13
Is your closet so full you can't fit anymore clothes in it? Clean out your closet and make money at the same time selling your clothes with easy online re-sale apps.

Clean Out Your Closet

Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining 23
Here are a few tricks that make sure when you decide to do some outdoor entertaining is will go effortlessly so you can enjoy your guests!

Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining

Apps I Love 43
I can't seem to juggle everything but using these apps is making life easier. I've even managed to find a few fun apps. The good news most of them are free.

Apps I love

i like my drinks cold 10
The NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler keeps your drinks cold in this stand alone unit. It is the perfect size cooler to keep in your home office or dorm room.

I like my drinks COLD!

My Obsession With My Bar Cart 3 (1 of 1) 16
I have a total obsession with my Bar Cart. I look at it not only for a place to hold my liquor bottles, but actually a wonderful piece of decor to look at.

My Obsession With My Bar Cart

Links I Love 18
Here is a sampling of all the Links I love this week. Check back with me weekly for more Links I Love and check out all the links I've loved previously.

Links I Love

garmin, weight tracker, steps tracker, fitbit, jawbone, 24
For sometime now I have been contemplating getting a FitBit for myself.  And like anything that has to do with exercise, I think about why not to do it, more than I think about doing it! There are so many questions I have been asking myself…  Do I really want […]

To Fitbit Or Not To Fitbit…

Look Fabulous On The 4th of July 35
Look Fabulous on the 4th of July! Don't forget to wear your favorite Red, White & Blue fashion to show the world your patriotic spirit! Celebrate!

Look Fabulous On The 4th of July

Father Day Gift Guide 2015 19
Having a tough time picking out father's day gifts for your dad? No ties on this Father's Day Gift Guide 2015, only gifts he will love!

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015